WANT! – 06/22/2010

Sometimes we sit and look at all these useless things we've amassed over the years and we sort of worry that it's all a bit too much. That our ecological footprint's grown too large or that we've simply grown too attached to material things. To stuff. But then we pan our heads over to the left a bit, to the glow of the monitor. And we select next day shipping. Because our hearts are too big, too filled with vacancies, not to adopt an Elvis themed Mr. Potato Head.

Here are some other things we really kind of desperately WANT!


This Usagi Yojimbo plush will kick the stuffing out of your velveteen rabbit. Based on Stan Sakai's iconic leporine ronin, this 12" plush is an adorable, if wascally bedtime buddy sure to chase the oni away. The oni being summoned by that corrupt and haughty velveteen rabbit who tried to murder us with scarlet fever and who has now resorted to the arcane arts. $25.


This Starman two-pack from Mattel's DC Universe collection features both the classic Starman (Ted Knight) and his son, the 90s Starman (Jack Knight). Theoretically, you could also look at this as Jack and his brother, the late David Knight who wore their father's costume until he kicked the farm and then visited Jack in a series of allegorical dreams. Anyways, it's a family affair and a nice way to celebrate the legacy. It's only too bad this set doesn't include a Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore) figure to represent the modern adventures of the staff. Also unfortunate: the staff as phallic talisman metaphor; the goatee. $33.


For the reluctant cosplayer or new Who convert, and especially for those who balk at the idea of purchasing a toy in the time between graduation and the grave, we present this flashy and functional alternative. This is a die-cast sonic screw-driver. It lights up. It warbles. It looks like the one Matt Smith's been using to open up locked doors and scan soil. But it can also be used to fix a cabinet door, to assemble a book shelf, or to do whatever serious business you need to be doing at work or home. Because this, Mr.or Ms. Grouchypants, is a functioning analog screw driver as well. At one end, a light-up bit for fun and cosmic misadventure. At the other, a bit for three interchangeable phillips head or slotted screw driver tips. Sure, you won't be able to do repairs on an actual TARDIS with it, but you could probably use it to build a birdhouse which looks like one. $30.99


  1. Sonic/manual screwdriver!?  Now that is a great house warming present

  2. Hey Paul you got the worng link to sonic/manual screwdriver. It keep on bring up the star man figure link.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Thanks. Fixed. 

  4. Now I may finally be able to fix my dad’s netbook!

  5. Dudes, Starman got hella buff with his conversion to 3D.

  6. I just bought my first home today and In think I have to get that screwdriver for it!

  7. That screwdriver will be my birthday present. Granted, it’s more than 6 months away, but still…

  8. Now I;m sorely tempted by the screwdriver, but if I do my wife will have me fixing things. Hurm!!!

  9. Get screwed by Dr. Who…

  10. @Preacher  Auuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhh