WANT! – 06/15/2010

WANT! is nothing if not a celebration of nostalgia, but this week in particular we thought it might be fun to salute multiple generations with some nifty throwback merch. Actually, it wasn't really planned. It just sort of happened that way.


For our wackest of older readers, or dare we say our more uninformed younger readers, this may appear vaguely pornographic. Is it a Kronenberg reference? Intestines don't work like that! But if you're a child of the 80s or early 90s, you may well be down with the TMNT. While Shredder made it legit and the Foot took it to the streets, Krang was the literal brains of the operation, a bubblegum wad of neurosis plotting and planning back in the Technodrome. At first, the sentient brain got around on a wonky blue and gray mech unit, but then came 2.0, a big Drew Carey-lookin' robot body that could house Krang in its tummy area. That's basically what's been recreated here with this TMNT Krang hoodie from 80s tees. If you've ever wanted to cosplay something really creepy but are too lazy to make a mask out of construction paper, this Bud's for you. 50 bucks.


Going back just a bit, we have the 25th Anniversary Metallic Voltron Gift Set. Key word here: metallic. Staff writer Paul Montgomery wasn't quite a month old when Voltron premiered stateside in September of 1984. Years later he would come to play with two different Voltron toys. His own was a molded plastic Voltron on a wheeled base. The individual lions could not detach. The second was his cousin Pat's original metallic version, inherited from his two older brothers. These lions detached. And having no real knowledge of the televisions series, they had their own interpretation for the individual lions' powers. Blue and red were obviously water and fire respectively. Black was rocks. Green, of course, was poison. And according to Pat, yellow was peeing on enemies. The moral of the story? We miss dangerous metal toys. 70 smackeroos.


And now, for geeks of all ages, the Doctor Who 11 Doctors set. Whether you're incredibly old, listen to Al Jolson records, and call William Hartnell your doctor or you're the kids from Freaks & Geeks and warm to Tom Baker, or even if you're only just getting into the series with Eccelston, Tennant, or Smith, the Doctor is very much in…this Tardis shaped packaging. It's a veritable HMO. Out in August.


  1. damn I want those Doctor Who toys

  2. I almost bought a t-shirt version of that Krang hoodie at HeroesCon… starting to regret it.

  3. I want a sonic screwdriver too.

  4. Oh, Voltron… why do you hold such a visceral power over me?

  5. New iPhone 4, or Doctors Who and Voltron…?

     I’ll be eating Cup Noodle for the rest of my life.


  6. I’m not usually one for action figures, but that 11 Doctors set is tempting…

    I also do not yet have the new sonic screwdriver.

  7. That Voltron is phenomenal.  Father’s Day is just around the corner…

  8. I will gladly accept all three of these items.

  9. Voltron that takes me back. I used to have one about like that but the arms didn’t bend.

  10. i still have two of the original metal lions with cockpits 😀

  11. Sorry ps3, you will have to wait. My money and my heart belongs to Voltron.

  12. I may buy that Dr. Who collection if for no other reason than to find creative ways to deface each and then mail them to Chris (Neseman) randomly over time.

    The Voltron set = 100% PURE DOPENESS though