WANT! – 03.16.2011

It's an awesome feeling, getting what you WANT. But sometimes putting in a little work and earning what you WANT is even better. Okay not really, but I've got a DIY theme this week so just go with it!


TRON Segway

Those light cycles from TRON were pretty bad ass. But unfortunately, they dont' exist… yet. So instead of waiting for one (like I've been waiting for a Hoverboard), this industrious fellow tripped out a Segway i2 to look like it's from the Tronverse with some LED Chrsitmas lights and reflective tape. And while it's insanely nerdy, it's also really amazing. 



Superhero MacBook Decals   

My laptop, the LAPPY 500 as I not-so-affectionately call it, is slowly dying. About once a month I dream about getting a replacement – something cool and sexy, like a MacBook Air. (Macs are cool, right?) Anyway, in my occassional researching, I also check out accessories to make my fictional computer look even cooler and sexier than it already is. And what's cooler and sexier than Tony Stark?! This decal makes it look like your Mac is powered by repulsor technology. The Superman and Darth Vadar decals are pretty sweet too.

Price: $7.99 (MacBook not included)



 Mini Lightsaber Dark Side Detector     

People are tricky to read. I mean, who knew Lando was going to betray Han and then steal his ship and his clothes. Luckily, Think Geek  has just the gadget to help with these kind of things – the new Dark Side Detector. All you have to do, is build your own lightsaber and switch it on. Blue means Good; Red means Bad. They say it's for kids ages 7-13, but I'm thinking I might build one of these with my roommate – just to make sure she's not a Sith. 

Price: $14.99 (assembly required)


Ali Colluccio has been patiently waiting for a pink Hoverboard since her 10th birthday. 


  1. I would love a cover for my MacBook. I did see a sweet Green Lantern one too, actually colors the apple logo in green.

  2. “…and his clothes.”

    That always kinda creeped me out.  Really, Lando? You gotta be that guy? 

  3. @r3v  Cut Lando some slack – I didn’t see him carrying a suitcase when he fled Cloud City. Dapper as it may be, you can’t dress like a pimp every day. And it’s not like Han the frozen TV dinner really needed more clothes at the time.

  4. @kennyg  No. He took the man’s ship and his wookiee. The line must be drawn somewhere.  I think it should be drawn somewhere before “pants”.

  5. Well to be fair it was Lando’s ship first.

  6. It’s not going to read your midichlorines is it? eugh.