Wanna See A Movie Written and Directed by Joe Casey?

You like Joe Casey's work right?  Gødland, Officer Downe, Nixon's Pals, Avengers: The Origin, Wildcats, and much more.  If there was a movie he wrote and directed, you'd want to give it a glance, right?  Then you definitely want to check out Hit Parade.  Here's the trailer.

Here's the deal.  In order for Netflix to add it to the rotation, you'll need to put it in your queue.  They're not stockng it yet, until they see how many people add it to their queues.  So, if you have Netflix, add away, right here.

Here's the synopsis of Hit Parade:

A retired serial Killer , a gay hit man and a lesbian census agent Let the Parade Begin… Jerome Archer is a retired hit man living the straight life as a retail bookstore manager. When he is coerced by a pair of industrious United States Census Bureau agents to hunt down a dangerous, young contract killer, Jerome suddenly has a life-altering choice to make: will he be forced to return to his old, murderous ways… or will he find a new way out?

If you're not a Netflix person, either because you don't live in the US, or you just don't like cool things, you could also just buy it from Amazon.

Of course, if you wanted to sign up for Netflix, you could always use www.netflix.com/ifanboy, but you probably knew that.


  1. Added. Good luck, Mr. Casey.

  2. Added as well.

  3. Done.

  4. Looks like I’m going to have to get a Netflix account.

  5. Is this that awesome news you teased in San Diego mr. Flanagan?

  6. No, that was Man of Action on Ultimate Spider-Man, and I didn’t know if it would be awesome or not, because he wouldn’t tell me what it was until after the announcement.

  7. And it is Added!!!

  8. Added!