VIDEO: Shaun of the Dead in 60 seconds in the style of Scott Pilgrim

I'm sure you've often sat back and wondered, "I wonder what Shaun of the Dead would have been like if Edgar Wright had done it as an animated featured with the help of Bryan Lee O'Malley?" Well wonder no more!

This video was made as an entry into the Empire Online / Jamesom Whiskey DONE IN 60 SECOND competition. There are some clever entries, but mostly pretty awful ones. The brilliance below doesn't appear to have even made it to the final rounds. So go give Pippinopalon some love and enjoy your 60 second repreive from everyday life!



  1. There are no words for the awesome contained within this video.

  2. This just made my day, really awesome!

  3. Oh wow that’s brilliant! Made my day 10x better now! 

  4. @LadyTartan  @SpiderTitan  Same here!

  5. Awesome- 

    woefully incomplete wthought the ‘White Lines’ scene 

  6. This is extremely cool!!

  7. Looks good, neat idea, perhaps voice actors with a bit more “umph” to them, but otherwise cool.