Marvel Studios has put together a little teser for The Avengers that utiiizes part of the final scene of Captain America: The First Avenger and part of the button for The Avengers that appeared at the end of the credits. If you've seen the movie it's nothing you haven't seen already but it's fun to watch again!

(If, for some reason, you have stumbled on here and you HAVEN'T seen Captain America: The First Avenger and you do not want to be spoiled do NOT click on that video. You've been warned!)



The Avengers is directed by Joss Whedon and is set for release on May 3, 2012. (But I want it NOW!)


  1. And … now I wanna watch Cap again.


  3. Tony Stark and Thor. Dear God give me more now!

  4. Awesome. Cap’s avengers costume looks pretty darn cool in action.

  5. Stark can’t be in costume so they put him in a Black Sabbath shirt

  6. Yeah, definately want to see Cap again.

  7. I still say that without the chainmail Thor looks like Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules

  8. I can not wait!!!!!!!! This is goin to be incredible!

  9. Can this really be considered a spoiler? I haven’t seen the movie yet (crazy comic con schedule at the time) but seriously how else would the movie have ended? 

  10. @THX7168  Well hell they could’ve cut to Russians putting Bucky in a tube

  11. @Heroville  Good catch!

  12. I didn’t see Cap yet but I watched (hey, I like to live dangerously). I really wouldn’t call this a spoiler but if someone’s gonna wet their bed about it, warn away.

  13. darn, the avengers trailer has been cut down

  14. Its going to be a loooong year till next July!!

  15. Yeah, the Avengers trailer we saw was longer than that. Nice post, though. It is gonna be a long wait.

  16. Yeah, I wanted to see the rest so I could pause on a couple frames.  

    @Heroville  That’s a great catch!  For anyone that doesn’t wanna try to pause it on the scene: 

  17. Why’s it called a “button”and not a teaser?

  18. In Montreal, when I saw Captain America (in french), the bastards EDITED the post-credit scene/Avengers trailer. I was SO pissed off! Thank You lack of interest for translating the WHOLE movie please! 0_o

    But thank god to the guy who filmed it and put it on youtube…