VIDEO: Michael Shannon Talks About his SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL Audition, Hummingbirds

It was announced Sunday that delightfully peculiar actor Michael Shannon (the reason to watch The Runaways) is set to play General Zod in Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel. It's a strange bit of casting, but we really kind of dig it. In this video submitted to Slash Film by an attendee at the RiverRun International film festival, Shannon seems to be of the same mind agree. The actor talks about his agent's (though I swear he says "my aunt") suggestion of pursuing the Superman film, just how bizarre a conversation that is for a human being, and ultimately his mildly uncomfortable screen test. 

Prostrate thyselves before the new Kryptonian overlord! 


He's saying "Aunt" right? He was talking to his aunt about "Dis Supaman thing!" right? I love this story. I will be watching this all day. 

Dis Supa…Superman: Man of Steel is slated for a December, 2012 release. 


  1. I never understood why some guys cross their legs that way.

  2. i cross my legs that way, always have done, i just find it comfortable, but i think it’s one of the reasons why my friends say i’m pretty camp, despite the fact the i look like a kodiak bear! really excited for this film now!

  3. @thepowerout  haha. Own it. I like it.

  4. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    According to my research, Michael Shannon’s grandfather was an entomologist. This explains EVERYTHING. 

  5. I’ve seen tons of people comment on how they want Shannon to keep his strange accent for Zod. I don’t hear anything strange about it. It might be because I’m Australian but he’s saying ‘Superman’ just fine to me. :

    Great chat, though.

  6. That was delightful

  7. John Siuntres needs to do a full on interview with him! That was a treat.

  8. he is odd

  9. He played the Wrestlemania obsessed newlywed in Groundhog Day.  He gets an immediate pass.

  10. Definitely saying “aunt”.

  11. Kneel before Zod’s Uggs.
  12. He has so have said agent. not aunt, but it sounds just like aunt.  i love this guy.  not a typical choice but those are usually the best. 

  13. Definitely sounded like aunt. This is certainly an unusual choice, but I think it will turn out well. Everything I’ve seen him in shows that Shannon is a fantastic actor so fingers crossed! 

    Also, this project shall henceforth be known as “Dis Supaman thing.” 

  14. really? how strange, he says ‘agent’ pretty clear to me. But i’m Irish and we are supposed to have pretty odd accents, you’ve all heard collin farrell i suppose? Here’s one that always stood out to me, listen to Ron saying ‘Forward.’ It sounds like ‘foe-wud’ to me!