VIDEO: Debut Trailer for ‘Fables: The Wolf Among Us’

We’ve often debated whether Bill Willingham‘s powerhouse Vertigo series, Fables, would be better served as a movie or TV series. I imagine that few of would have guessed that a video game interpretation would beat them both to the finish line.


However that is exactly what Telltale Games, makers of the critically acclaimed Walking Dead video game serial, aim to do. We know very little at this point, other than that the game seems to rely on the decision followed by consequence style of play employing in the Walking Dead, and that the first episode is scheduled for a Q3 2013 release. To whet our collective whistles, they’ve released the following trailer.



  1. Looks awesome to me! I never played the Walking Dead games but always meant to get into them. Can’t wait to play this!

  2. I’ve played the Back to the Future games and they were pretty great! Cannot WAIT for this one. The gameplay is fun, easy, and yet difficult at the same time. The art in this one is a but more fun, though. Looks like a good bit of Fables goodness is in there. BUFKIN!

  3. It’s not coming out for the Wii U? Bummer.

  4. Telltale Games can do no wrong. Sam & Max, Back to the Future, Walking Dead, and now Fables. I need this now.

  5. Funny to hear Bigby’s voice for the first time, I think I picture (“hear?”) something deeper and more growly when I read the comic series.

  6. Looking forward to this.