Read Vertigo #1s For Free

Read a lot about Preacher on iFanboy this week but never gave it a shot yourself?

You like The Cure and think that Sandman might be right for you?

You’re in luck! Vertigo have made a whole slew of their first issues available for free download on! There is a whole lot of good reading on here. I applaud DC for taking this small step and working with the internet, instead of against it.

Thanks to Patrick for doing the detective work.


  1. There are so many good books on that list. I heart Vertigo.

    I’ll make a recommendation – everyone has either read for themselves or heard about most of the books on that list and how good they are (Sandman, Preacher, Swamp Thing, Fables, Y, etc..), but I hardly ever hear anyone talk about The Losers. Andy Diggle wrote it and Jock pencilled, and it is incredible. Hardcore espionage action with a overarching conspiracy storyline. It is about a group of ex-military types that are mercenaries now but they get caught up in a global black-ops kind of thing. It is like A-Team on crack. Jock’s art is so different than anybody else’s but it fits the book so well. I wish he was doing another book but all I’ve seen him on is some random covers since the book ended. Anyway, it is 35 (or maybe 32?) issues with a beginning, middle, and end, like most Vertigo titles. If you like 24, Alias, Queen & Country, etc.. you’ll probably dig it. Damn just writing this is making me want to go back and read them again.

  2. The Losers was so good. I loved it as well.

    If you are into Diggle, he is going to be taking over Hellblazer at issue #230.

    If you are into Diggle AND Jock…(and Lost),

    They will be doing Green Arrow Year One (not sure when it launches but it will be soon.)

    So YEAH!

  3. DC would HAVE to offer the first issue free wouldn’t they.

  4. Oh that’s right – I totally forgot about Green Arrow Year One. I am all over that. I’ve never bought a Green Arrow book in my life but if it’s Diggle & Jock I’m on board. Thanks for the reminder Jon – that made my day!

  5. Nothing to do with this post per se’, but I think I may have a better term than DC nation.
    DC DieHards.. I know I am a diehard DC fan… What do ya think?

  6. Small week this week, only 3 comics. Listed here in order of best to worst.

    Captain America #24: I stopped buying Cap about 15 years ago but recently picked up an issue because Union Jack was in it, now I’m hooked. My only complaint is that it is a Civil War tie in and Cap is all busted up in current issues of Civil War but not in his own title.

    Wetworks #3: This series is very reminiscent of the 1st series especially with Whilce drawing it. My only complaint is that Dane has long hair.

    52 #30: I’m totally lost here. I don’t buy any Bat books, so I don’t know what One Year later did to Batman and Robin, but I do buy Outsiders but the Nightwing in that One Year Later is far away from what is in this issue.

  7. Nice of them to hand out free samples of crack and all. I’ve read several of the #1’s now, enjoyed many of them a lot. Now that I’ve read the current issue of Fables and #1 I’m good to go, right…

    Am I crazy or was American Virgin just not good at all? Did it get better after #1?

  8. Hey Tom, we normally talk about the weekly books people buy in the pick of the week thread:

    As for the Losers, I’ve read half. Conor’s read the whole thing. It was very good. I didn’t LOVE it. But was better than most.

    American Virgin did not get better in my opinion. I read about 4-5.

  9. Am I crazy or was American Virgin just not good at all? Did it get better after #1?

    I think so yes. I’m still reading it and I think it gets a little better every month

  10. *Off topic*

    didn’t know where to put this but this music is similar to the style I’ve heard on the podcast and the video is definitely right up the iFanboy alley