Users Reviews Don’t Take Memorial Day Off

We can’t get to everything, and there are (sadly) other opinions about the books of the week. Check out what out most intrepid users think about this week’s books.

areml weighs in on the big issue of the week, with The Mighty Avengers #14, and it’s not good.

Story: 2 / Art: 2

To be honest I couldn’t really see the awfulness I’d been hearing about online (but mostly from Conor and Ron). But I gotta tell you. I hated this issue. Sentry is such a bland character. How can schizophrenic come off as bland? You got me. I am just NOT interested in Sentry as a character. Is anyone?

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John42 tells us why The Brave and the Bold #13 is a great book, and does a damn fine job of it.

Story: 5 / Art: 4

A great thing about the superhero comic is that its characters are, to a large extent, defined by what they DO, not just by what they talk about. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bendis and his method has proved time and time again to be an excellent vehicle for characterization. But what Waid does is a different beast entirely. He fuses plot and character in such a way that they seem inseparable. In this issue, Jay and Bruce are always active, always progressing the plot, and everything they DO says something about their respective characters.

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CAM is as surprised as the rest of us with how good Ghost Rider actually is.

Story: 4 / Story: 4

The art in this issue is great! Boschi has gotten stronger with every issue and this one is his strongest yet, you can literally SEE the flesh burning away as Blaze transforms to Ghost Rider. And the Ghost Rider himself? He looks powerful, certainly not like a “damn super hero”. It’s impressive stuff.

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ultimatehoratio, although brief, really summed up the way a lot of people feel about End League #3.

Story: 1 / Art: 4

Who the hell are all these people and why do they insist on hammering my brain with word balloon after word balloon of bombastic dialogue?

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