User Reviews Worth Reading

There were definitely some new people taking the time to contribute user reviews this week, and of course we want to highlight their efforts, and make sure more books get covered than we have time to address. 

By now you know the drill, so let’s get to some reviewin’.

chewie810 makes an effort to let us know what’s going on with The Brave and the Bold #11, a book that’s dropped off the radar a bit.  Story 2 / Art 4

Overall I thought this was a weaker issue in a enjoyable series. I would still recommend the next issue to those who have followed the series since the beginning, since it seem like it will pay off on everything that has been built up. This issue suffered from having to setup too many final pieces for the grand finale.

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Sammy tells us how things are progressing in Joss Whedon’s Angel series.  Story  5 / Art 4
Each issue is at the top of my pull list as the story continues to grip me and take me on a rollercoaster of a journey. Issue 1 wasn’t great, the story was a little disjointed and the art took some getting used to. Issue 2 picked it up though and with issue 5 we are in the heart of some of the best comic scenes that my eyes have glanced at this year.

lantern4life goes off on a tangent about Tangent Superman’s Reign #1Story 2 / Art 2

If you are a Tangent fan this is a must but I can’t recommend to new readers because of the learning curve. Hopefully, this series picks up and I can put my foot in my mouth but I believe this will fall away and won’t be remembered.

jstump is going an entirely different direction than we did on War is Hell: First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #1Story 2 / Art 1

Over all I was disappointed by this book. With something that has Garth Ennis’s name on the cover I guess I expect more. I also expect a whole lot more when I pay 3.99 for a book. This is what disappointed me most, because when I got the book and finished reading it I know that I paid for 2 things; Ennis’s name on the cover and it being a Max title.

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pvtselect tells us about the Image series, New World Order, and the second issue isn’t all that good.  Story 2 / Art 2

I really wanted to like this book when i first heard about it. I’ve always enjoyed a good conspiracy theory and the crazy mythology thats built up around UFOs. However, somehow this book hasn’t been able to incorporate any of those cool things into an interesting or compelling story.

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And there you have it.  We’re loving all these reviews.  Keep it up, and we’ll make sure to talk about it.



  1. Hey I made it on the list!

  2. Yes, well done sir! perhaps one day I will also rise to the ranks of the iFanboy chosen.


    Though I would have put the art at a 3 instead of a 1, I agree with jstump’s review. WIH really didn’t strike me as very good ether. 

  3. Once I have time to keep up with ALL my books on a consistant basis I’ll try my hat at the user reviews…I have enough papers to write at the moment, however, to sour myself on writing in my spare time.

  4. Keep up the great reviews all.  It’s nice to see everyone’s thought and I enjoy the spoiler reviews because they equal easy "keeping up" with stuff I can’t afford!

  5. @Neb – Same for you, I really enjoy reading your and Tork’s reviews.  You guys really seem to know your shit and make me sometimes feel like an idiot when it comes to my comic book knowledge.