User Reviews Wish They Still Had Access to a Grill

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Tiocore seems to think that there may yet be life after Judd with Green Arrow Black Canary #20.  The Hell you say!  Story 3 / Art 4

Very weird. After Judd left the book I was too in love with these characters to quit. While I didn’t mind the direction Kreisberg was taking, I felt the dialogue between the characters was cheese-cake & a little off. This issue, however, kinda took me by surprise.

buffalowhig apparently had some problem with the first few issues of Remender and Opena’s Punisher.  But, yeah, he came around with Punisher #5.  They all do.  Story 4 / Art 4

I really lambasted the first couple issues of this series, but the past two have really made me change my opinion. This book is just a really fun rollercoaster ride. The Punisher is out to do his job without any handwringing. His nonchalance about _________’s (redacted for your spoiler-less enjoyment) seeming resurrection was great. If the dead come back, you just kill ’em again. I’m also loving the art. Opena’s pencils remind me of a cleaner Mark Texeira.

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JoeCom is thrilled to have the Andy Diggle back that he knows and loves.  Thunderbolts #132 is unshackled from the crossover, and is free to fly.  Also, it’s “how well,” not “how good.”  Just sayin’.  Story 5 / Art 5

You see people, this is how good Diggle can write, when he is not held back by Daniel Way and Marvel to do a crappy-ass cross over with Deadpool. If you where disappointed by MAGNUM OPUS cross over, this issue is a great improvement. Do you know why that is? Because it focused on the Thunderbolts and not Deadpool!

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Fire up your grills, or get back to work, but whatever you do, have a good day.  It might make that day even better if you check out some of the other reviews, and find something new to read.  Or just have your opinions validated by random strangers on the internet.  Whatever.


  1. What’s funny is that I first mis-read the title as "User Reviews Wish They Still Had Acess to a *Girl*." Thought someone was bemoaning their single life. 🙂

  2. There’s no holiday here as far as I know, but someone I e-mail with still signed his with "happy holiday".

  3. It’s Memorial Day in the US I believe.

    I’m in Australia so i’ve already moved onto Tuesday by now.

  4. Josh, why don’t you have access to a grill anymore? This is a crime against grill-manity!

  5. I just realized how many times I used the word "really" in my Punisher #5 review. I’m really sorry.