User Reviews Recognize the Dubious Nature of Celebrating Columbus

Did this week’s comics prove that the world was not in fact flat, yet ultimately fail in finding a passage to the Indies? Did this week’s comics give birth to a new age of democracy, or just disperse smallpox on the indigenous peoples? It’s a lot of weight for new comics to deal with, and I’m thinking these reviews might not necessarily help with that, but maybe you’ll see a book you like? That’s something right?


thisisegan checks in with the new Garth Ennis book from Avatar, Crossed #1, and it’s not looking so great. 

Story: 2 / Art: 4

Despite its nice clean looking artwork and colors, I can’t imagine this mini being anything but an average tale of survivors being picked off by crazies in “shocking” and disgusting ways. It’s a shame, this could have delivered so much more if only they added suspense or true shock value by making the “shocking scenes” more than just a one page spread.

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Neb, who loved the first issue, was not held entranced by Two Face: Year One #2, unlike Conor’s more direct review in the comments. 

Story: 2 / Art: 3

The story that goes on with Gordon and the new D. A. is superbly interesting to me, and it’s fun to see Harvey in background mucking it up. But this story would have benefited from having more room to breathe. It could have been a nice companion to the other stories of Dent’s rise to one of Batman’s greatest foes. But as it stands, it’s rushed and damn near incomprehensible by the final page. It’s just a big disappointment because as you read, you can see the potential in the pages.

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Templar (who wrote 14 reviews this week!) wants Sean McKeever back on Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Season 2 #3

Story: 2 / Art: 3

The bad… Moore is still no McKeever. But then again, McKeever is no longer McKeever if you’ve read Teen Titans lately. The whole Limo Girl thing is kind of dumb, and definitely overblown. I don’t buy that kids would make that big a deal of it, but then again I haven’t been a teenager for a long time. Maybe they like really stupid, banal things now. Anyway, this book hasn’t made me forget the first series. Only makes me miss it more.

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DemonBoy clues us in to the world of Bomb Queen V #4, and it turns out, according to this review, I had no idea what this book was. 

Story: 4 / Art: 4

If you’ve never read Bomb Queen before and have even a hint of a dark sense of humor, then you have no idea what you are missing. I equate this comic to many offensive stand-up comedians. A comedian who offends one group of people can be viewed as prejudiced, but someone who offends everyone (even his own) can be hilarious. And by the way, the May Not Be Suitable For All Ages banner on the back is wrong. This is DEFINITELY not for all ages, without a doubt.


And those are all I have time for, but, and I must stress this, please go and check out the rest of the reviews from this week.  There is a veritable smörgåsbord of reviews, and the iFanbase turned out some great stuff.  I had a really hard time picking out a few from the many.  Go read more reviews here!







  1. Thanks for highlighting my review this time.   Conor wasn’t the only voice of dissent with this one, but I’d be interested to see what other people think of the issue in the comments section.  My plan is to re-read these back to back to see if somehow I missed something.

  2. "Unlike Conor’s more direct review".


  3. Templar’s been working overtime to review every book under the sun. Nice job!

    I find myself in agreement with the Crossed review. While the shock value is defintely there, I don’t see much substance to this tale, just exploitation of sexual violence. It’s like Ennis’s self-indulgent deviant fantasy.

  4. Yeah, he’s blazing the one paragraph review trail.