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GLNancy gets technical with Sweet Tooth #7. Story 5/5 – Art 4/5

The story boarding of this issue was perfect, some good close ups and then some good long shots. Towards the end there is this hesitation to give you this small piece of information that you know is important, the way it was written was done just so gracefully, I was like come on just say it already but he dragged it out in a very nice way still revealing the current environment along the way, then of course the last two words of the issue. Good job Lemire I appreciate your storytelling chops through art and words.

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dharmabum really, really did not like Mighty Avengers #34. Story 1/5 – Art 2/5

First of all I am not a fan of the art. Its not horrible but it is amateur. This book was full of oddly shaped heads, strange angles and perspectives and inconsistent quality… And since when do the supposedly "real" Avengers torture prisoners anyway? That's the kind of crap I expect from Norman Osborn and his "Dark" Avengers. I guess Hank "wife beater" Pym's Avengers are the "Grey" Avengers? Who can root for such a morally ambiguous team of heroes?

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JamesSeals really, really, REALLY didn't like X-Men: Hope #1. Story 1/5 – Art 2/5

This collection of shorts brings nothing new to that paradigm. Cable and Hope are running, running, running… and Bishop's out to get them. That's it. Oh, almost forgot… For good measure, we're given more obtuse allusions that this girl has a tie to the Phoenix Force — again. I have grown tired of the endless padding for the crossover that CABLE has represented since the "Messiah War" storyline and this one shot is emblematic of the problem. Swierczynski seems less concerned with giving the readers something new as he is filling up pages with enough padding before this series is mercifully put down.

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Patman2 was won over to Tony Stark by Invincible Iron Man #24. Story 5/5 – Art 4/5

…the entire time I was reading it my old prejudices against the character came creeping back into my head. The most prominent being "How is this guy ever going to redeem himself?" and by the last page of this issue the answer to that question is given. By making Tony Stark's Back up drive come from before the events of the Civil War Fraction has made Stark innocent, but has not redeemed him. This will definitly be a big plot point in the upcoming heroic age and I'm sure Fraction will handle it well.

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