User Reviews Did Mother’s Day Right

Flowers, candy, a card, dinner, and gifts: this year User Reviews didn’t forget the most important lady in its life, and neither should you.  Yet neither should checking out the best and worst of comics from the week be ignored.

Templar is really digging World of New Krypton #3, but what does he have against Greg Rucka to blank a brother like that?  Story 5 / Art 4

Robinson, in the past, has been accused of being a “slow burn” kind of writer. Just the same, his work on this series has been, to me, far and away the most consistently good and interesting part of the Superman event. Granted, he’s been given some very interesting material to work with given the new status quo, but he has also made the most of it.

Coltrane68 makes up for none of iFanboy reading Invincible Iron Man #13, and he’s still loving it.  Apparently, this Stark character has some legs.  Story 4 / Art 4

This book has taken an interesting direction since the start of the Dark Reign era. Fraction has composed the book much in the way Brubaker did in Captain America after Steve’s death. We now follow three very different characters in their quest to undermine Norman Osborn.

(who handed out a lot of mediocre reviews this week) was all hugs and kisses with The Boys #30, which is sort of ironic when you think about it.  Story 5 / Art 4

I love the subtleness of Robertson’s art, from the subtle hint of stubble on Hughie’s head to intimacy of Butcher threatening Rayner at the end. The ads say the first 30 were nothing compared to what’s coming. I can’t wait to see what it is.

0and18 says (and with a record like that, I don’t know why we’d listen) that Atomic Robo Shadow from Beyond Time #1 was more than adequate.  Story 5 / Art 5

If the cutesy artwork on the cover and the kitschy title scare you away on this book, your loss. This was a gem of a find for me about a year ago. Atomic Robo is essentially an homage to science fiction pop culture. The first two series pay homage to 50’s Monster Flicks, WW2 action comics, Astro Boy style robots, Stargate, Japanese giant fighting robots and the Shadow to name a few.

While mom still wants to know why you don’t call more often, she thanks you all for your dilligence, and spent most of yesterday reading through the all the User Reviews.


  1. When W.O.N.K. (wonk LOL) came out i was kinda iffy about it.  Now, I love this book.  Its so fricking cool to see Supes training with the heat vision.  I’ve always loved the training scenes.  Like in starwars or old kung fu movies.  Its just cool to see.

  2. I was so bummed when my shop didn’t get Atomic Robo.  I still haven’t had time to go around town to see if anyone has gotten it yet.

  3. it was mother’s day on sunday and my mum’s birthday on monday. am i honestly exspected to call her twice?

  4. I’ve made that mistake. My mom’s birthday is always on or near Mother’s Day, and the one time I thought a single call would cover it I quickly learned that was not the case.

  5. Our basement flooded one summer and a lot of my comics got wetted. My mom dried and ironed every page and they were good as new! Now that I spend so much money on comics these days, she half jokes that she wishes she never did that and it would of discouraged me from collecting comics all these years. We had a good laugh, then I punched her in the throat.

  6. My mom berated me for buying comics cards, after many years of buying me Pokemon cards and many different stickers for albums there were released here (soccer, harry potter, garbage pile kids, etc.) but what can you do? She buys a lot of crap herself, but somehow that triggered the "that’s enough" button.

    cards with pictures of Havok and a 3d of Venom with information about them on the back is the straw to break the camel’s back.  

    The albums are a capitalist’s wet dream – there were ace stickers that you could only get if you bought at specific places – like McDonalds etc, and whoever fills that album first will get a vacation abroad, but I never won. There were prizes for second and third and so forth places, but I never won, but those Pugim were great and those Garbage Pile stickers stuff was great and I got great free sketches and one free tennis ball out of it from friends of my mom . There was also some album with stickers of animals, and info about them but the stickers were pasted on top of the info which is stupid. If they release it again I’ll be all over that because I lost my album. The pugim were pieces of art, but now they’re not even trying and they just stick Pokemon related crap to Layes chips bags and call it a day, and the Spongebob Squarepants sticker album my sisters had was total shit with no effort put into it at all.

  7. @cromulent: she must be so proud of you