User Reviews Can’t Pick a Favorite President

Hail to the Chief, and let’s get on with this thing!

TheDudeVonDoom (presumably Dr. Doom’s nephew, in his early thirties, but never shedding the surfer aesthetic he started in his early 20’s, and still with no job, much to Victor’s disappointment) comments on a series I have never heard of Adam: The Legend of Blue Marvel #4, possibly because of my self-inflicted Grevioux blinders. Also, not so much with the Mat Broome either. 

Story: 3 / Art: 2

Throughout the series, the art has always had its trips and flops. In this issue? It’s seen primarily in Broome’s choice of a cross between Michael Phelps, Dustin Diamond, and an Asian for his reference for Namor — and let we forget cover artist Juan Doe’s choice of Ronald Reagan — as well as Broome’s need to have Richards and Pym showing off their powers. Reed even does stretchy jazz hands to Tony in the middle of a conversation! Besides the oversized panel of the Invaders, the art is again faintly crippling the book. Some of it is easy to laugh off, but then I see Tony’s late-90’s-model armor and just frown until something happens.


yyzKyle is beside himself with joy at the new launch of G.I. Joe, with issue #2 holding up the high standards of the first. Because sometimes, it is about acknowledging the support staff keeping the Joe copters a-twirlin’. 

Story: 5 / Art: 4

In two issues they have created a world in which G. I. Joe exists as a very large clandestine operation.The vehicles and technology in G.I. Joe demand that the active combat JOEs have a large support staff and the IDW creative team seems to get that. My favorite parts of any story are the character driven moments, the conflicts, the hard decisions and the desire to connect with someone regardless of how messed up the situation is. I hope to see that in the future in this book.


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grifter78 surprised himself (and honestly, almost everyone) when he really liked Gen13 #27. In other news, there’s a Gen13 series that has gone 27 issues. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

Huddleston’s on his A-game in this issue, mainly with all the little details he inserts that tailor to each of the kid’s personalities. He really gets these characters and his cartoony transitions are well placed. I caught myself smiling and chuckling as I got the visual jokes he inserts. The one thing that had me worried about having the Gen 13 kids in World’s End was losing the sense of fun the book has always had. Beatty and Huddleston are doing a great job of blending comedy with the current state of the world while sprinkling some dark humor in as well (see the truth about the soup in the issue for a great example of this).


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Omegadark really nailed why I loved this week’s Fables #81 was, as is parlance, the bomb. Since I didn’t get into much detail on the show, I agree with everything this review says. Watch out for spoilers in this one folks! 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

I will admit that I have been feeling very indifferent about this arc of fables but this issue reminded me why I read this whole series. The cover pretty much gives away what happens in this issue but I really could not care less because this Jean cover is SO fitting. Not having Jean on these covers is really going to take some time to get used too.


After you’re done with your comics, and any subsequent reviews, make sure you play a hearty round of “find Doris Kearns Goodwin” on the television at some point today.  Not a difficult game on President’s Day, but fun nonetheless. First, I suppose you should read over the rest of the reviews that the iFanbase toiled so diligently over.


  1. I have to agree with yyzkyle.  G.I.Joe has been suprisingly good.  I didn’t expect much, so that may be coloring my impression, but I have enjoyed it.

  2. I thought that the writing/story aspect of GI JOE was stronger in the second issue but I’m disliking the art more and more.  The art might drive me off the book.

  3. G.I.Joe does indeed rock.  I am happy with where it is going

  4. For me GI Joe #2 felt like the ending of the first issue we never got.  And I agree with Conor the art is blah.  Unless you’re Scarlet or Snake Eyes its hard for me to figure out who people are.  I even got Brian mixed up with Duke once.

  5. Identifying the characters is a big problem.

  6. "visual jokes" sounds like he’s playing a game with the readers, like the game in "Waiting…"

    No presidents here… just a prime minister… and that seat is still empty. We just had elections. Also no Doris Kearns Goodwin. You need to invent a global drinking game about politicians.

  7. I really am enjoying the coloring on the book though, I think thats why the art isn’t keeping the book down for me.  Oh, and the Baroness looks hot as hell with those glasses on.  Oh that dirty dirty girl…

  8. Josh’s jokes with each of these are awesome, particularly the Gen13 one.  It’s nice to see some of the more unsung books getting some exposure, even if some of them are not so hot.

  9. Why would anyone have Grevioux blinders on? He puts out good stuff.