User Reviews ar– ALBATROSS!


‘Course we got bloody comic reviews! S’a comic review site, innit?!


comicBOOKchris wanted bloody Avengers in ‘is Dark Avengers #10 comic.  S’not so complicated, is it?  Story 4 / Art 5

For each creepy scene that Bendis writes, Mike Dedodato Jr. amplifies that creepiness factor by a million. The flirting scene sounds skeevy on paper, but when drawn by Deodato, the scene becomes almost terrifying. He also portrays Norman’s facial expressions very well, which is important when drawing this character. His looks of extreme rage and fear are really impactful. The best scene in this book, however, is the double page spread of the Avengers flying on hover bikes to the drop zone, backed by several H. A.M. M.E. R. ships. It looks majestic and terrifying at the same time, sort of like seeing the Super Star Destroyer or the Death Star in Star Wars. They’re both massive and beautiful, though you know when they arrive to your location, you’re pretty much fucked.


WilliamKScurryJr dun ‘ave no choc-ices!  Got G.I. Joe #10, he ‘as!  Story 5 / Art 4

Chuck Dixon’s excellent channeling of Larry Hama continues in GI Joe #10, which is ten wonderful issues more than I thought this series would actually sustain. He’s weaving together a neat continuing plot about the formation of Cobra, choosing to go a subtle route that serves the material well. Penciler S. L. Gallant is easy to read, especially when working his way through a complex physical scene featuring Snake-Eyes and a Viper. This property keeps popping up each week in the POW podcast for a good reason — IDW is exercising tight quality control.


JimBilly4 don’t think Stuff of Legend #2 is about a bloody sea bird, does he?  Story 5 / Art 5

the story is epic, reminding a bit of what it felt like to read tales of Narnia or Middle Earth as a child. They are toys and their Boy has been abducted by the Boogeyman. They will move heaven and earth (and the Dark) to get him back. On the surface they are simple, archetypal characters: Princess, Joker, Soldier, Cowardly Pig, Short-tempered Bear, Loyal Dog. But each of them has flaws or secrets or hidden depths. The story reverberates with the wars going on in the real world and the loss of innocence of this poor boy. Most of this particular tale takes place in the town of Hopskotch, where everything is a game and only the Mayor seems to know the rules.


changingshades wants Hulk flavour in ‘is Dark Reign List Hulk One Shot, coz it only comes in one flavour, dunnit?  Comes in Hulk flavour, coz it’s bleedin’ Hulk!  Story 4 / Art 3

I liked the use of the Warbound chick, even if I think there hasn’t been a good story involving them off their planet. I like the idea of Banner actually using his brain instead of the stale, Hulk on the run story that we’ve seen so many times and, I personally, find uninteresting. I like how it’s been, what, 3 months and Banner is back to being the Hulk. It was stupid of Loeb to write it out and having it fixed this quickly shows that.


STOP! STOP THIS!  It’s got very silly indeed.  Just stop the whole thing.  No more comic reviews.  I won’t have it!  It will just get silly again!


  1. Ah, Graham, I miss you.

  2. It’s a man’s life in the iFanboy user review post.

  3. Who or what is Monty Python? It looks like some kind of unfunny Kids in the Hall knockoff.

  4. 😀

  5. @stuclach my sarcasm filter has been switched off.. and you and I are about to have words, my friend!  Who is.. Kids in the.. ARRGHH!!! =)  Which reminds me.. Oh, I saw a great movie last night. It was on the late show. It was– um, uh, um, uh, what was it called? It’s a classic. It’s uh.. oh… oh, I hate this. I hate when this happens.


    GI Joe #10 didn’t hold me like the first few issues.  I’ve been less than enthused for the past few issues. It could be that I’m on GI Joe overload now between the main series and Origins. Both seem to be sputtering, to me.

  6. @siraim – Your sarcasm meter would be pegged if it were on, but we can still have words if you would like.  I shall start with "heteroskedasticity".  Your turn.

    GI Joe #10 was actually my POTW, but only because it had no competition. I gave it 4 stars, but the only thing really working for me is the Snake-eyes/Mainframe "Perfect Strangers" vibe.  Which one is Balki?

  7. Do I get waffers with it??


    Thanks for the love!

  8. Somebody’s been watching the python doc.  God, thats some good stuff.

  9. It’s–

  10. @stuclach I’m going with dyslogistic.  

    Re: Joe #10, I can see that. I think I gave it 3 stars.  I just disappointed me.  And in your analogy, clearly Mainframe is Balki.  He’s clearly the fish out of water recently in the story. Snake-Eyes seems to be the exceptionally serious, stuffy one. 

  11. @siraim – Bimodal. 

    I would argue that Snake-Eyes is Balki because of the communication barrier and his lack of familiarity with the technology involved.  Mainframe is in his element when "hacking".

  12. Ah, excuse me Mr. Flannagan, what flavors do you have?

    Did someone else enjoy the IFC Python-a-thon last week a bit too much?

    Personally, wasn’t as impressed with Dark Avengers.  Kind of hoping this ends soon along with Dark Reign.

  13. @siraim

    Was it Citizen Kane? 

  14. These reviews were all stellar. More importantly, I have not thought about the Albatross sketch since I was in eighth grade. Now, I can think of little else.

  15. Oh, you’re no fun anymore!