Next Stop: Chicago! iFanboy Invades Wizard World Chicago 2007 (UPDATE)

In an unexpected, unprecedented move, we will be attending Wizard World Chicago! Well not all of us, but Ron and Gordon the Intern will be rocking the windy city on Friday, August 10 through Sunday, August 12.

Clickthrough for more details about where to find them and a possible meetup? details on the meetup. PLUS — we WILL have shirts!

What are you waiting for? Clickthrough!

Thanks cheap hotel and airfare for this spur of the moment trip. We’ve been curious about Wizard World Chicago for quite some time, and some gentle ribbing from some friends of ours pushed us in the direction of pursuing attending. So Ron and Gordon the Intern will be hitting the con floor to see if this convention is worth attending.

Are YOU going? If so, you can find us on Saturday appearing at the Hero Initiative booth with our friend Chris Neseman from Around Comics. We’ll be there from 3 to 5pm, so stop by and say hi!


Friday Night, August 10th — 8:30pm — Red Bar and Lounge in the Hyatt.
Since this is somewhat last minute, we decided to have the meet up in the bar at the Hyatt, which is the known party spot for the con. Since it’s a hotel bar, we should be able to get underage kids in (but no drinking!) if not, we can spill out into the lobby area. Plus you can see whatever cool creators are roaming the floor.

We will have a limited supply of t-shirts with us at the con. We have M, L, XL and they will be on sale for $10. We will have them at the meetup and if you can’t make that, we might have them with us on the con floor.


  1. I’m game me and two of my coworkers that I’ve converted to comics will be there. We’ll definately be up for a meetup.

  2. Woo-hoo! It’s my first convention in 3 years. I’m psyched and this is the icing on the cake. A Friday night party sounds really good. Any thoughts on the loc yet? I am hopelessly out of the nightlife scene, so my recommendations may not be the hippest, but here they are:

    I know New Yorkers think you’ve got the best pizza around. Put it to the test with Lou’s Famous Pizza:

    For a more eclectic (but still pizza-based) Chicago experience there’s Gulliver’s:

    And just for variety, a middle eastern hookah bar that has really good sandwiches:

    Can’t wait to run into you guys at the show!

  3. I’m definitely going to be there. I look forward to meeting you both. I actually heard about this on the AC podcast this week.

  4. Maybe…maybe I’ll get upgraded from Intern…since the rest of the guys won’t be there.

  5. the aroundcomics guys already brojke this news. well, they didn’t mention gordon, they just mentioned ron

  6. I am definetly up for a meetup on friday night. Will you guys be filming a show there? And please dont make the meeting in a bar…im 16.

    PS: Gordon the King of iFanboy sounds good to me

  7. Oh my! Really?

  8. Damn, wish I could go! Please do a massive favour for all Batman fans who can’t be there and try to catch the Dark Knight presentation, since I gather it’s the only con they’re making an offcial visit to??? Pretty please???????

  9. Hey! My previous post seems to have been lost to the ether. maybe because of the links I had in it. Anyway I’m up for something Friday night. My recommendations are Lou Malnatti’s in Lincolnwood or Gulliver’s on Howard. Both are fairly near the convention center. Or Samah, the middle eastern restaurant and hookah bar on Clark and Belmont. Can’t wait to see you guys on the floor. Of the convention that is…

  10. I back Lou Malnati’s also

  11. Friday night sounds awesome!!

  12. great news, hope to see u guys there, will u have t-shirts for sale?

  13. O yes! Please say you’ll bring t-shirts!!!

  14. Very cool! I can’t wait to run into you guys. I second the plea for t-shirts.

  15. Very Cool I totally down for a get together
    can’t wait to finally meet the Ifanboy team ( well most of them anyways)
    This con is going to be awesome.

  16. I would *totally* be interested. I had more or less resigned myself to you guys not coming since Josh and I talked about it when he was down here for his Around Comics appearance.

    Of course it’s not all of you, but I’ll take what I can get since I missed my opportunity this year for San Diego…

    I can think of a few places *I* would meet, but none are all too close to where you guys are probably staying. I’ll go where ever else is decided though.

  17. Thanks to everyone who’s checked in saying that they’re attending the convention and wanting to meet up. Some great suggestions and while I plan on having some lovely deep dish pizza, I think we want to make this meetup somewhat more casual and accessible to the convention center etc.

    Look back here tonite for info on the meetup!

  18. If you are looking for close places I can reccommend Giordano’s, The Ram and Shoeless Joes. All of these are in close proximity.

    I look forward to seeing you guys there and if you get a chance stop by my booth #5006A. Sorry for the shameless self promotion but us little guys have to take every chance we get.

  19. Lou’s pizza is the best, but you should really check out the best coffee in the world . . . Intelligentsia. Don’t waste a trip here without getting the goods.

  20. very cool, guys. I wish I could make it…

  21. So do we, Mike. so do we.

  22. I wish I could be there.. Maybe next year..

  23. I’ve never been to a convention without Mike Romo. Not sure what to do…

  24. I’m pretty pumped to be going. I hope I get to meet you guys!

  25. ACBG – wish you could be here too – wish everyone could be there

    maybe we should have an iFanboy con and everyone can come converge on one city and we can talk comics til the sun comes up – who’s in?

  26. Ron, that’s the greatest idea I’ve ever heard! Even worth crossing the Atlantic for!

    (by the way, any Dark Knight tidbits to share???)

  27. hey guys
    i had a great time with everyone on friday.

    i had a awesome time in the convetion and meeting Ron & Gordon.

    thank you guys for coming to chicago.

  28. Are you guys coming to TORONTO FAN EXPO?!?!?!?!?!?!

  29. anybody else make it to the dark knight panel