Joe Quesada on ‘The Colbert Report’ (UPDATE)

We reported this in San Diego, but I thought that maybe it deserved some greater discussion. Joe Quesada, editor in chief of Marvel Comics, will be appearing on The Colbert Report on July 27th. I assume to discuss Civil War and/or Spider-Man unmasking.

This could prove to be interesting as Joe said in San Diego that this is one interview he’s actually nervous about.

UPDATE! It’s up on Youtube — clickthrough to watch!


  1. Note to self: set DVR when I get home . . .

  2. I cannot wait for this interview. Not only is it comics related, but due to the whole GOVERNMENT themes in Civil War, Colbert and Quesada will probably share some hilarious dialouge.

  3. I’m a huge Colbert fan, on top of being a giant comic fan, so this is the two meeting of the minds I can’t wait to see. I know what my TiVo will be set to.

  4. I’ve no ide who this Colbert is, but it sounds interesting. Hope someone puts in on YouTube.

  5. I’m sure someone will and when they do, we’ll post it here

  6. Set the DVR to record. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Saw it on YouTube. Thought it was a good little segment but maybe Quesada was trying too hard. Still, glad to see it on there though!

  8. I’ve seen Joe take on crowds of angry Marvel readers with graceful aplomb, but apparently, he couldn’t keep up in the wit department with Colbert. He wasn’t bad, but he didn’t impress. He didn’t suck, but he just didn’t do a great job.

    I always wonder if things like that will actually lead people to comics, and if so, how many? I wonder if it moreso serves the purpose of making hte comic creators feel like they’re legit, and helps mainstream comic fans feel like they’re helping. I’m so cynical…

  9. Was I imagining things, or did Colbert have a fairly thorough knowledge of comics?

  10. Colbert is a total geek. I remember a year or so back there, I think Viggo whatshisface from LOTR was on the Daily Show and there was a big segment during the interview about what a nerd Colbert was about Tolkien and LOTR…so comics aren’t that surprising