UPDATE on iFanboy Video Feeds

We've got an update for you on the video feeds. The iTunes feeds for the iFanboy video show have been migrated for existing subscribers.

What does this mean?

  • The old HD feed now redirects to the new HD feed.
  • The old Quicktime Large and Quicktime Small both now redirect to the new SD feed.

Anyone who's already subscribed to those feeds should get migrated and will be able to download last week's episode as soon as they hit "Update Podcast" in iTunes.

This update is for EXISTING subscriptions on iTunes only at the moment. We're asked Apple for an ETA for the show listing in iTunes to be updated as well and we're still waiting on that. So if you're already subscribed to the show via iTunes you can go download it right now. But if you're not subscribed (and why aren't you??) you won't see last week's episode listed on iTunes yet. But we're working on it.

As for other delivery avenues (i.e. Roku and Tivo, etc.) we're still working on those too and we'll let you know as soon as we have any information.


If you go to iTunes, the iTunes podcast section now has the feeds fully migrated – here are the links:

iFanboy SD    –    iFanboy HD

So now, iTunes should be 100% migrated – we thank you for your patience

Also, we are in discussions with TIVO and Roku, and should have the show back up on there very soon – so stay tuned!


  1. Subsribing to the Quicktime Small feed gave me the proper SD feed, it still says Rev3 as the owner but new subscriptions work too.

  2. Also, now that you guys have control over all the stuff you put out, can we can an iFanboy mega-feed?  One that includes the normal POTW, special edition, talksplode, Don’t Miss and video shows?  The ADD in me wants one iFanboy feed instead of 3.

  3. Thanks for the update. Get it now.

  4. I really hope you guys can get back on TiVo! The first episode I ever watched was right when you came onto TiVo and I always watch the show on it.

  5. I feel so lame.  I just watch the show on the site.

  6. @ButchCassidy – Same here, been hooked ever since – glad to see things are in movement for the video show transition and hope Tivo is not far behind (who can beat actually watching the show on a full size TV).


  7. Forgive my ignorance if this is an obvious question (I’m not too technically minded), but are the episodes still going to be posted on the site?

  8. @RapidEyeMovement: Yes.

  9. Cool.

  10. Get them on youtube! Best world-wide exposure

  11. @Jordan0061: You mean here?

  12. loved watching you guys w/ playon through the Revision 3 plugin. Hope you guys still continue to support playon in some form.

  13. Is there a way to download older episodes on itunes?

  14. Wait, since you guys will be regularly post the new videos on your Youtube page I can follow it through Playon’s Youtube channel. Yay for smarts!

  15. Does subscribing to itunes help you guys out more than just watching it on the website?

    I’ve been websiting it, but I’ll change for you guys! 

  16. Tried the Youtube channel on Playon & the quality is sub par but watchable. Hopefully a iFanboy script or plugin will be created for Playon for better quality viewing enjoyment.

  17. Is the HD feed now able to sync with the iPad?

  18. @gobo – considering a mega feed – won’t be for a while though

    @ButchCassidy – TIVO should be back very soon

    @cutty – unfortunately our feed on iTunes is limited to more recent episodes, but you can find all previous episodes here on the site – and we’ll be working to clean them up to make them easier to access soon

    @wolf – it doesn’t matter where or how you watch us – watch us wherever you prefer! this site, itunes, whatever makes you happy

    @lantern4life – We’re still working out the kinks with YouTube – we are publishing to YouTube, so you can watch it there – but we’ll see if we can publish directly to PlayOn

    @the8thsign – YES the HD feed can now sync with an iPad


    thanks everyone for your patience 

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    *cups hand over mouth*

    Can we expect to see more live animals on the show?  

  20. …and zune?

  21. @trugamer510 – we’re working on migrating to the Zune Marketplace – but the direct downloadable MP4s should work on your Zune if you load them manually

  22. Got IT! 

  23. A pity I can’t download an avi or wmv-file of the newest shows anymore.  I used to watch them on my ps3 or during lunchtime @ work.  Now I have to sit @ my PC to watch it.   You guys aren’t sponsored by Apple, are you ?  😉

  24. just tracked the mpeg4-files in my Itunes folder.