Uncanny X-Force Unleashed with Rick Remender

Uncanny X-Force #1 After the release of the trailer for Uncanny X-Force #1 yesterday and all promotional focus being put on "Uncanny X-Force Day" on October 6th by Marvel, it's pretty clear that they have made the launch of this new book a priority.  Uncanny X-Force #1 is scheduled to hit stores on October 6 and for those not in the know, picks up on the "X-Force as Killing Squad" concept of the past year or so in X-Force, with Wolverine leading a team featuring Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex and Deadpool.  Written by fan favorite Rick Remender with art by his long running collaborator, Jerome Opena, Uncanny X-Force looks be a book worth watching.  So when Marvel invited us to join other members of the comics press for a chat with Remender along with Vice-President Executive Editor Axel Alonso, we jumped at the chance.

The first story arc of Uncanny X-Force revolves around the secret strike force coming together behind Cylops' back and facing the new threat of the return of Apocalypse head on.  Remender said he was excited to write a story involving Apocalypse as he has been a long time personal favorite of the X-Villains.  The situation that the team is forced to deal with, where Apocalypse seemingly is in the form of a little boy, provides "a pretty unique dilemma for X-Force"  Immediately thought of the age old question "If you could go back and kill Hitler as a boy to stop him from killing millions of people, do you?"  and Alonso and Remender both confirmed that this was very much on their minds.  When they spoke of the inspiration for the tone of the story, they both brought up the movie Munich, which features very likable people having to make hard choices to save others from dying. 

Along with Apocalypse comes a new group of Horsemen.  Creating completely new characters for the new Four Horsemen of Apocalypse was the way to go for Remender as he said that "when you use pre-existing characters, it's like opening Pandora's Box…in terms of what you can accomplish with the characters."  These new Horsemen are referred to as the Final Horsemen of Apocalypse as well, hinting that this may be Apocalypse's last stand.

One of the most controversial topics surrounding Uncanny X-Force has been the members of the team, causing many to raise their eyebrow at the use of Deadpool and Fantomex.  Remender stated that he was given this roster by Alonso and the other writers/editors who steward the X-Books, but he couldn't be more excited to be writing this team based on the interesting dynamic, "These are members of a family in a way, and there's a lot of trust, there has to be…Logan and Warren are co-captains, like Logan and Cyclops were… Warren and Logan agreed they needed 2 heads to keep checks and balances."  Remender further postulates that the team dynamic is strengthened by all their various ties be it via the X-Men, or having their minds messed with by Apocalypse or the Weapon Plus Program.  Especially in the case of Archangel and Psylocke, who will have their romance rekindled, but in a much more co-dependent style.  Remender explains, "The relationship becomes unlike anything we've seen before, but there's alot more to it.  Warren needs Betsy to help control Archangel."

When asked about the involvement of Deadpool and Fantomex, Remender lit up.  He revealed that Deadpool is recruited by Archangel, a fact that Wolverine doesn't like but goes along with in the name of compromise, and becomes a valuable member of the team.  In fact, Alonso revealed that Deadpool plays a key role in the first story arc and solving the mystery around Apocalypse.  They also add that while Deadpool may have a big mouth, he does have value.  Alonso explained "Don't forget, he may be crazy, but he's efficient."  Remender further defended Deadpool by saying that he allows him as a writer to cut the tension of the intense action with some crazy, funny dialogue.  Additionally Remender explains that Deadpool "wants this to work.  He thinks he's a good person, he feels that he's been invited to the team and I think people will be impressed that he performs his tasks and kicks ass and is a reliable member of the team."  Alonso enthusiastically added that "One of my favorite things is the exchange between Deadpool and Fantomex."  Fantomex is positioned to be brought on to the team based on his relationship with Wolverine and their shared experience with the Weapon Plus program and Fantomex helping Wolverine find out some the mysteries behind his involvement with them.  "There's a nice long term plan here for a character based story" Remender explained as he also hinted that there will be plans to being new characters to the team, and he challenged everyone that no one will be able to guess who the new characters will be, only hinting that they are beloved (and confirmed that Maggott is not one of them).  

In terms of working with Jerome Opena, Remender said that "the process [of working together] only changes for the better over the years.  His stuff is groundbreaking."  As seen in the preview pages below, Alonso backed that up by stating that he thought "This is really Jerome's best work.  When you see what Jerome has done with them [The new Four Horsemen], it's collaboration at it's finest.  These four Horsemen are keepers."

Ultimately, the challenges set forth for the Uncanny X-Force are ones of tough questions and decisions and doing what's necessary.  Alonso further explained, "I truly believe in the X-Force as a concept.  It's a messy world."  The threat posed by Apocalypse is an interesting one that Remender assures everyone will redefine these characters for readers for a very long time.  Alonso added that, "This is a very emotional story, that will haunt readers after the first arc."

To follow up with to this insight to the book, Marvel was kind enough to provide us with some preview pages to the first issue, so you can get a feel for the look that Opena has developed for the book.  I'm definitely digging (and surprised to say) his take on Deadpool.  Will wonders ever cease? We've also got the variant covers by Clayton Crain and Rob Liefeld.



Uncanny X-Force #1 – $3.99 from Marvel Comics – On Sale October 6, 2010

Uncanny X-Force #1Uncanny X-Force #1

Uncanny X-Force #1Uncanny X-Force #1Uncanny X-Force #1

Uncanny X-Force #1


  1. isn’t liefeld the albatross around x-forces neck…nevertheless iam sure that RR will this fast and blast. The sequencing and pace appear to be high octane. 

  2. hoo boy.  This Opena character is one hell of a storyteller.  That’s some beautiful stuff.

  3. Is this book in addition to the existing X-Force book or is it a replacement? Do we really need 2 X-Force books? This is getting out of hand, putting out multiple titles for each character in the Marvel Universe.

  4. This is new and only X-Force book – the previous series was canceled to make room for this

  5. Good art + Rick Remender = sure, I’ll give it a chance.

  6. I don’t read any of the X books outside of Wolverine and X-Factor, and I haven’t really read any of Remender’s work. I have to say though that I’m really looking forward to Uncanny X-Force. I think I’m mostly intrigued with the inclusion of Deadpool and how Remender is going to write him in a team book. 

  7. I read just about anything by Rick Rememder and Jerome Opena’s art has never looked so good, so I’m surprised to say that I am really looking forward to a book called X-FORCE.

  8. I REALLY want to read this, I’ve liked Psylocke ever since MvC2 but have never read that much with her in…think I’ll pick up at least the first arc.

  9. I might dip into this x book, cuz of remender. Love the no feet and tight crotches on the cover! Snicker, snicker…. : )

  10. Jerome Opena is so f-ing good. I have zero interrest in the characters but lots of faith in the creative team. Probably buying this.

  11. As a fan of the original series, my only nitpick is the exclusion of X-23 from the team, but she’s getting her own book so I’m happy.  

  12. I might try the first arc. I liked the 1st 6 issues of 1st X-Force series by Yost / Kyle  /Crain but dropped the next issues as thought value dropped.