‘ULTRA’ Pilot on the way

Possibly something to look out for in the next fall TV season: Image Comics and The Luna Brothers’s Ultra has got a TV pilot in the works. I really liked this series when it was out, and it could make a good TV show if done right. But as with any super hero comic book turned TV show, especially on CBS, I’d be surprised if this gets picked up.

One would think chick super heroes would sell in the TV format, but let’s not forget Birds of Prey and how awful that was.


  1. I haven’t read the article, but who’s the production company?

  2. Barbara Hall Productions.


  3. Oh, excellent! I have hope then.

  4. Why have I never heard of Ultra, and should I have?

  5. I bought the trade off of Ron’s recommendation. It’s pretty good. Bot great, but pretty good.


  6. Joshua Luna is one of the Luna Brothers. They did the Spider-woman: Origins mini-series. Nice stuff.

    I was thinking of picking up some of their other stuff off that series.

  7. LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Lena Headey will play a single, city-girl superhero in Barbara Hall’s comic-book-based drama pilot “Ultra” for CBS.

    Headey is currently onscreen in the feature “Imagine Me & You,” and appeared last year in “The Brothers Grimm.”

    Barbara Hall is the creator of the series “Joan of Arcardia” and developed “Judging Amy.”

    Reuters/Hollywood Reporte