‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ – S02E08 – “Carnage”


Ugh. Carnage. The worst of the ’90s personified.

Here is how “Carnage” is described:

The Green Goblin returns for his ultimate weapon, but Carnage has other plans.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I thought Magog from Kingdom Come was the worst of the 90’s personified.

    • Magog isn’t really that bad though because he is a meta-reference to the 90’s extremification. He literally is the author attempting to personify the 90’s during the 90’s. I’d personally go with Liefeld Cap. America, Deodato’s Thor, or Azrael Batman.

  2. I don’t think Carnage is te worst of the 90s. A serial killer who ges super powers is a solid enough concept for a villain.

    • Good concept but they have really just dropped the ball every time they try to run with it in my opinion. Did you read Minimum Carnage…

  3. Blue Beetle?

  4. Yeah I’m gonna have to defend Carnage here too he’s an awesome villian. Carnage USA was a great mini too.

  5. I’m gonna back Carnage here too,I love the concept of a serial killer getting the symbiote powers as if Venom wasn’t evil enough at the time of Carnage’s inception. He did just seem like a Venom rip off to me at one time but his concept then Anti-Venom and all the changes to Venom himself give that whole symbiote thing a history and world of its own to build on, I dig that they expanded on it in ways I didn’t expect like Anti-Venoms story and how they’re using Venom now, preferably Remenders run, now Cullen Bunn opposed to the Thunderbolts (I love the Thunderbolts btw, just not this group of characters that look great in contrast next to each other but seem like a gimmicky concept, this Venom would be great in any past iteration of the T-bolts)….but the concept of this Venom is what I like.