‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ – S02E01&02 – “The Lizard” & “Electro”


The controversial (among some adult fans) Ultimate Spider-Man returns with back-to-back episodes!

Here is how “The Lizard” is described:

Ultimate Spider-Man returns to stop the nefarious plot of Doctor Octopus. But not everything goes according to plan when Spidey’s friend, Dr. Curt Connors, transforms into The Lizard.


Here is how “Electro” is described:

When Spider-Man’s old enemy Electro takes control of all the electricity in New York City, Spidey and his team work together to stop him before he takes over the world!

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. So, would it be a sucker’s bet that Peter and Doc Ock pull a switcheroo? Sure they did it last year with Wolvie, butI doubt that’ll stop anyone.

  2. Still loving this show.

  3. This show could have been a hit, but instead they decided to market it to 5-12 year old boys. I watch to see familiar characters but the dumbed-down Disney moments take all the fun away.

    • The show IS a hit. It’s just that it’s a hit with its target audience: kids. They’re allowed to have cartoons made for them too.

    • What he said. This show is so much fun, there is nothing wrong with this kind of approach. Spider-man is versatile enough for a multitude of takes that can work quite well, and this is clearly one of them.

  4. I made the mistake of trying to watch both episodes in a row. I just don’t like it enough for a full hour to be able to hold my interest. I noticed that both episodes featured the superhero friends which I always thought was one of the weaker elements from the first season. And no Mary Jane. They fired the twenty-something who talked to Quesada and replaced him with a tweener. And both episodes were written by Man of Action who generally did my least favorite episodes from last season.

    I’ll admit it, I’m too old for this show which is sad because I’d love to enjoy a Spidey cartoon the way I enjoy the Avengers EMH, Young Justice, or Green Lantern. But Ultimate is made for someone other than me.