‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ – S01E11 – “Venom Attack”

Poor Batroc the Leaper!

Here’s how “Venom Attack” is described:

Spider-Man takes it personally when Harry and his father face one of his greatest foes.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Started watching The Spectacular Spider-Man and forgot about this… Was it any good?

  2. Wow- one comment and a detractor at that.

    No one can call you a quitter Conor that’s for sure.
    Whether it’s completely ignoring every media outlet on the planet with EMH episode numbering.
    to choosing to cover this when clearly no one wants it- ignoring quality series such as Iron Man Armored Adventures or Tron or Thundercats but this- this is what you want to highlight- b/c hey you started it- and Conor is never wrong.
    Keep at it buddy-
    Good job!