‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ – S01E03 – “Doomed!”

Not content with messing with The Avengers last week, Doctor Doom raises his ugly head here this week!

Here’s how “Doomed” is described:

After experiencing their very first training session together, Spider-Man and his team arrive in Latveria to track down the menacing Doctor Doom. However, things turn for the worst when Doctor Doom tricks the team into taking him aboard the Helicarrier where he tries to use the Hellicarrier for some sinister plan.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Why doesn’t Spider-man have the red down the back of his arms?

    Worst Cartoon Ever

  2. @edward stop hating on the show just because of that red line going down on his arms the nerve of some people

  3. My Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder keeps acting up when i watch this show. And i LIKE it. It’s fun.

  4. The jury is still out on this one. I’m not really enjoying the goofiness all that much.

  5. I saw it for the first time today, I agree on the goofiness it has, they try so hard for laughs that much of it falls uterly flat. Young Justice goes for seriousness, this one broad comedy aimed at a much younger age. I think Avengers is aimed at a younger audience as well. Caught that for the first time too. Both companies have a cartoon blocks now, though Marvel’s seem to be a little less structured since it ran 70 minutes.

    While Marvel can do quality films, their animation leaves little to be desired. BTW, I really got a kick out of the Animal Man short yesterday.

    • I haven’t watched it yet but love that they are using not so household names for his friends/teammates. Also glad I can enjoy a cartoon with or without red lines down the back of his arms. Spidey is my longest loving and 1st favorite superhero but they should put the back of his arms right.

  6. I thought this episode was better than the last one. His voice seemed less whiny and annoying. Or maybe I just got used to it. Either way, this shows growing on me.

  7. I think DC is killing it with the PG-13 animated movies and Marvel has cpl but with Disney right there, they are capable of putting out some killer competition, and should. Avengers 1st season had all kinds of classic Marvel feels and Easter eggs for older fans, and disagree with it being aimed towards kids but more all ages. Watch the 1st season straight through like one big movie over the course of a few days if you have time and w/out commercials is the way to go.

  8. Tried this. Pass. I think its written for a younger audience and there is nothing wrong with that. Just not for me.

  9. Watching this show literally kind of make me want to throw up. The fast cuts and dumb animal noises actually hurts my head no joke. I’m going to try one or two more episodes but it doesn’t look good so far. Also, @RahUniQue doesn’t speak for everyone, I have ADHD and I can’t say I’m enjoying being pulled all over the place for bad humor.

  10. The sense of humor of this show annoys me, but I’d put up with it more easily if there were less emphasis on the team. I’d rather see Spidey doing his own thing more and interacting with his peers in smaller doses. I really don’t give a ___ about the other teenage heroes.

  11. This show is legitimately horrible. Animation and art style is superb, but the writing and Family Guy-esque microflashback “jokes” are horrendous. I’m saying this as an adult fan of some quality children programming like The Avengers, which I never feel is written for kids, but with kids in mind if that makes sense.

  12. I have to admit I loved Dr. Doom’s Russian nesting doll attack.

  13. This show is written exactly like 90% of today’s children’s cartoons. It’s exactly what the kids I know enjoy.

    Sorry 20, 30, and 40-somethings.