Ultimate Moon Knight!

Marvel released this cover at WizardWold: LA, and it’s the second best news I’ve heard all day!

It’s Ultimate Moon Knight!

I have an unholy love for Moon Knight for no discernible reason. I couldn’t even tell you his backstory. I just know he has a cool name and a kickass costume.


  1. his name is Marc Spector and the backstory has something to do with egypt and multiple personalities.

    and its cause hes a batman rip off
    but he rules

  2. Well, the Marc Spector bit is the part of the “cool name” thing. Both Marc Spector and Moon Knight are cool!

  3. Is he the one with the sidekick, Frenchy?

  4. That sounds like it might be correct.

    The only problem I have with that cover is that he NEEDS TO HAVE THE HOOD ON! The hood is the best part. I am fascinated by a guy who wears all white, yet can remain dark and mysterious.