TRON: THE BETRAYAL – The First Major Marvel/Disney Comic Book Collaboration?

When Disney acquired Marvel Comics we all wondered what collaborations between the two would come out of the deal. Lots of Marvel cartoons have been put into development, but we've been waiting for the first comic book announcement.

And here it is.

Tron: The Betrayal is a two issue mini-series that bridges the gap between the original Tron and the upcoming sequel Tron: Legacy, which comes to theaters December 17, 2010. Have I lost the under 30s? Oh, well. I'm pushing on.

What's it about? The story takes place after the first film with Kevin Flynn now in charge of Encom, the biggest video game company in the world.  Kevin has created the Grid, a new digital world filled with living programs.  As these things often go, this new virtual world is about to hunt for Sarah Conner develop a life of its own. And that's not good.

Tron: The Betrayal #1 comes to comic book stores in October and is written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Andie Tong, with a cover by Salvador Larroca.

The most interesting thing in the somewhat unclear press release that we got from Marvel is that, after it comes out in issues, Tron: The Betrayal will be collected and released to bookstores in graphic novel form by Disney Publishing Worldwide (not Hachette).




  2. No what?

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Everything about the new movie looks great. Might have to give this a look. 

  4. ill cheak it out

  5. I’ll will definitely be buying this. I can’t wait for the new movie. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend can though, I had her watch the original recently and she was not a fan. Maybe she’ll like the book and give Legacy a shot.

  6. @connor I’m sure he is just bemoaning what this means to his wallet by adding more comics to his pull list 🙂

  7. @convoy83 Pretty much….lol

  8. There Have to be Light Bikes!

    That’s like saying Captain America with ought his shield-  oh wait.