Discussion: ‘Transformers’

Do you like robots? Do you like big robots? Do you like big robots that can change into trucks? Well you’re in luck! Michael Bay’s adaptation of the classic ’80s cartoon (and sometime comic book series) Transformers has finally hit theaters!

Did you see it? What did you think? Talk about it here! Once you click through, you will enter a SPOILER FRIENDLY ZONE, so let this be your warning!

They were the holy grail of toys, and my first one was Soundwave. Imagine my dismay when I realized that I didn’t have a cool vehicle or weapon at all, but rather a quite unexciting tape player.

The iFanboys are excited for this one. We will be hitting the theater sometime Wednesday. Expect a Special Edition Podcast this weekend!


  1. I loved this list. The movie is a hell of a lot of fun by the way it opened in Canada yesterday.

  2. I saw the movie yesterday and I loved it. Although it started really slow, it picked up when all the autobots showed up. Not the best movie ever by any means, but i recommend that you see it because the special effects were impressive and it was funny.

  3. Having seen the movie last night i would add “Jazz” as one of the most useless transformers, all he did was say 3 lines of urban slang and then die.

    I loved the movie for the awesome action, and the action was the best of the summer no doubt, but at the end of the movie i didn’t care about any of the robots. Of course It is giant robots fighting, so i am not complaining.

  4. Does anyone know if there will be a review podcast for this movie?

  5. Yes, there will.

  6. Whoa, you mean to tell me that Jazz is in the film, but not much?

    Oh NO! He was my favorite! The Porsche with the voice of Scatman Crothers… great. First they change Bumblebee, and now this.

    Next you’re gonna tell me that Grimlock the Dinobot isn’t in it, either. Or Devastator…

    Hey, did anyone else ever have a toy battle between all their Constructicons as Devastator vs. the five lions to make Voltron?

    Nah. Me either. Not because I didn’t want to, but because my small town toy stores never had the Blue Lion. Sigh.

    It just wasn’t as fun to have the full Devastator fighting a one-legged Voltron.

    And my “Geek Cred” just rose ten points…

    Not even Voltron’s Blazing Sword could stand up to the might of Devastator’s massive purple hand cannon! (that almost sounded dirty… whoops.)

    And then I would get bored with that and just have a good ol’ fashioned ninja fight between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. Good times.

    To all the US folks, have a happy and safe 4th of July. And to everyone else, same message, but with less of an impact.

  7. I just can’t seem to give a shit about Transformers…

  8. I liked when Prime was making his motivational speech at the end and he was holding Jazz, ripped in half like a toy and seemed not bothered by it one little bit. Not to sound racist, but Jazz was pretty much a token, he said a few lines in Ebonics and then got killed.

  9. My thoughts are here…on the forum


    I’m #107 (JurassicAlien) but I loved it.

  10. Saw it today, and it was great. I was actually really surprised by how not annoying the human characters were.

  11. I loved the movie. I thought that Shia LeBeouf gave another great performance.

    PS: How come the character named Jazz has to has to be voiced by a black guy?

  12. PS: How come the character named Jazz has to has to be voiced by a black guy?

    Because he was in the cartoon?

  13. Worst Christmas Ever: Asked for a Transformer – got a Go-Bot instead.

  14. So good. The movie was way better than I had expected it to be. My only connection to the Transformers line was the classic cartoon God knows how many years ago. A friend of mine (jestergoblin here on the forums) is a hardcore toy collector and has several of the figures, and he went nuts for the movie. We went to see it yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved how it says “In association with Hasbro . . . Based on the action figures” during the opening credits. I just thought that was the funniest thing to see in a movie

    I also really liked Shia LeBeouf as the kid. He’s a decent actor I haven’t given due credit in the past. Consider me officially now on board the Shia Lebeouf train. I loved his line to the female lead, “I don’t think you’re shallow, I think, with you, there’s more than meets the eye.” Well played, Micheal Bay.

  15. Transformers comics were some of the first I ever collected, and a Transformer was the last real toy I ever got (as a kid, anyway). I’m really pleased to hear people saying good things about this one; this summer has been a little disappointing so far, and it’d be nice to see a movie that exceeded my expectations.

  16. Go see this movie. Now.

    I was iffy until Prime spoke. From there on, it’s awesome. It’s dumb as hell, but awesome.

    Sure, a bunch of little things bothered me, but for a feature-length film not using the voice talents of Orson Welles, Robert Stack, Eric Idle and the like, it was a blast. The effects are great.

    Don’t expect anything profound, but as Doski said, how much can you expect from a movie based on action figures?

  17. Saw this a little over a week ago, I really liked the movie, some of the comedy was meh and the amount of time spent on the political/ military side of things seemed a little too much and so feels like it meant that there couldn’t be as much time spent on the transformers character development (especially the decepticons), but overall I had a really great time.

    for my initial thoughts on the flick, see my post on the boards (little exaggerated as typed it as soon as I got home)

  18. loved the movie i saw it last thursday but i really liked it and i loved megatron in this he was evil as hell wish there was more starscream which is my fav transformer.

  19. I thought it was really good. A little saturated in in the gag department, but still- better than expected. I went in saying, “Hmm… Well, this’ll be awesome because it’s a Transformers movie but that’s about it”. But I left thinking that it was actually good on it’s own merits.

    Shia steals the show more than I expected, too. (Especially when you consider that he wasn’t physically acting with a giant Optimus Prime.) Really convincing.

  20. Shia was cranked up to 12 the whole movie. Just what the movie needed.

    I think this is going to be huge. The audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive. They laughed and gasped throughout and whooped and hollered at the end. It captured just the right tone that it needed to capture a wide audience. This thing is gonna make cash like Montell Jordan in the 90s.

  21. This Movie Rocked! It was an action packed sumer blockbuster that was not afraid to be funny at the same time. I loved it

  22. Everyone shoulf watch this movie, its awesome, I loved it. BEST MOVIE OF THE SUMMER BY FAR !!!!!!

  23. I definitely think this is the first real “summer” movie, i.e. full of great special effects and relatively mindless action. It was absolutely great and I’m hoping to get a chance to see it again in the theaters.

  24. How about when Optimus delivered “the line” to Megatron towards the end of the movie? It was so sweet.

  25. This is clearly the hit of the summer. I felt like I was 10 again! I am counting the hours to when I can watch it again!

  26. I went into this movie pretty much ready to be disappointed and came out all smiles. It was a blast. As with most Michael Bay movies, the character development is pretty sparce in contrast to the sfx, which were outstanding, if not a bit seizure inducing at times. When Optimus introduces himself for the first time, the majority of the people in the theater cheered. Usually I would say thumbs down to things like that, but I ALMOST clapped myself. Shia LaBeouf was definitely great with the comedy. John Turturro was a bit of a strange choice for the film. Both his character and how he played him. Fun times overall.

  27. hey guys–

    Not a lot of time, but I gotta say I thought this movie kicked ass. Yes, there were some mildly lame parts (the lubricant release scene, some scenes could have been cut), but all that stuff is minor. When Optimus actually came on the first time, our audience we so excited people started applauding! I had forgotten how, I dunno…GOOD that character was. Just a shining beacon of GOOD GUY. very cool.

    plus, at the arclight, they had of all the Autobot vehicles parked on the grounds. Ah, I love living in LA..

    great action sequences, great pacing for the most part, and just a whole lotta fun…go see it with some buddies..

  28. WOW. Is everyone drinking the transformers koolade?
    I love transformers as much as the next guy but I really dont have anything positive to say about this movie.

    The movie was too long. The plot was paper thin. Why not establish the megatron character a little bit.
    Why is optimus prime missing for like half the battle at the end of the movie? Did he go take a nap or something. Did that not bother anyone. He kicked the shit out of bonecrusher and then you don’t see him for like twenty minutes.

    Why did they even go to the city? Did anyone read into that. Apparently, they go to the city to get the military to pick up the cube on a helicopter to get it away from the decepticons. Hello!! They have a jet!!! What kind of ingenious plan is that! I could go on and on.

    I did like what they did with bumblebee. I wasn’t happy bout the fact that he wasn’t going to be a bug but it turned out that making him a yellow camaro was the right choice. He would have been so out of place as a bug in light of all the other transformers in the movie.

    The Sector 7 angle was BS. The sector 7 Leader was a joke!

    It was nice to see optimus prime in cg glory but everything else is meh.


  30. Wasn’t the Sector 7 guy supposed to be a joke?

    All the other points you make are valid. Especially, Prime’s absense during the fight. Also why the heck was Jazz just parked there watching Bumblebee get torn apart? There were other faults, but the premise is giant robots that turn into machines and fight each other. That has to be enough of a hook for those characters in a movie. If you get into developing the Transformers too then the film becomes much darker, more dramatic, less “fun,” and a lot longer of a movie. It was already about two and a half hours long. How much longer is an audience going to sit there listening to a robot talk about never ending war?

    You could probably use the Transformers to tell a neat story about the military industrial complex and the state of constant fighting that seems to enthrall the US, but is that really something you want to hear Optimus Prime talk about?

  31. I enjoyed the film, but felt ripped off when it came to the actual transformers. Sure we got to see them fight but I would have liked to see them converse for more than 15 minutes or less of the film. Being it’s “The Transformers” it would have been nice to see the film focused on, I don’t know, the freaking Transformers? Am I asking too much? The surprising thing is I thought I would annoyed by the redesigns, which really didn’t bug me as much as I thought they would. Instead the real disappointment is that I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked with my “childhood friends”, and that sucked.

  32. I friggin loved this movie just because it took me back. I mean I wanted to go to my old room and dig in my closet for my transformers (and by the way I’m still pissed that my parents never got me Optimus Prime for Christmas). In reality this movie may have really sucked but I’m so blinded by nostalgia I’ll never know. I grew up with three loves…Star Wars, G.I. Joes, and Transformers. Two down one to go.

  33. I wept.

  34. I notice there aren’t a lot of spoilers in the “spoiler friendly” zone. Hard to spoil a movie with zero plot I guess.

  35. Spoiler: Optimus kicks ass… actually i seems like Cincinnatus has a point there… doesnt make it less awsome. It’s not heavy cinema but good lord was it fun