Trailer: ‘Transformers’

Here’s our first substantial look at Michael Bay’s Transformers.

I’m not sure what to make of this.

Ron says: “Transformers is going to totally suck. Would it kill them to have the transforming noise just once?”

Josh says: “Won’t play. Apparently I don’t have java [here at work].”


  1. Just when I thought the Transformers talk had finally died down..

  2. eh

  3. Would it have killed them to give us a decent look at one character’s robot mode? We had the teaser already show me a full frontal shot of Prime. Heck, I’d settle Bubble Bee. We know this movie is about giant robots fighting other giant robots. Show us some of that. I am not letting myself get too excited about this. If it ends up being good, I will be pleasantly surprised.

  4. well at least they dont seem to be totally human looking, it seems more plausible if they looked like alien technology rather than anthropomorphous robots

  5. I’m happy with it. Looks like a good summer popcorn movie. Maybe I’m just not as connected to the characters though I watched the show religiously and have hundreds of the toys.

  6. The whole split-second shots of the transformers was a little annoying, and I’m still not completely sold on that whole organic looking metal thing, but…. mmmmm

  7. Bah, it’s all a mute point anyway, the only thing the quality of it all will be concerned is if we see it multiple times or get the DVD or even the eventual games based on it

    We all know that we’ll go see it, even if it has bad reviews, just too see how badly they messed up 🙂

  8. You meant “moot.”

    a mute point makes no sound.

    I have never made a mute point.

  9. we need more “muted” points

  10. OK all you Batman and scifi fans need to check this out. I understand this can be obtained in HD through P2P sites.

  11. Mayhap Luke was using a malaprop?

  12. Ah, yes, Batman: Dead End. That’s about five years old. I have it on my iPod.

    They made a sequel:

  13. They have a lot of super hero fan films on the lucasarts website, I think.

  14. Some are better than others. Batman: Dead End is one of the best, but my favorite is Losing Lois Lane.

  15. People really seem to like this one, too:

  16. Some are better than others. Batman: Dead End is one of the best, but my favorite is “Losing Lois Lane.”

    I posted with links, but my post was held up for approval. I guess just Google “Losing Lois Lane.”

    “Green isn’t a super power. It’s a color!” —Superman

  17. but my favorite is “Losing Lois Lane.”

    Hmm… well, I didn’t hate it.

  18. I’m… conflicted. This looks like an OK giant robot movie from the trailer, but it doesn’t really look like a Transformers movie. What you can see of the designs look too similar to each other. When the one was getting out of the pool at the end you should be able to tell who it is, not just know its a big bot.



  19. I feel like, whether they do this movie exactly the way they should or not, there is no way for me to avoid going home feeling like an idiot. I mean, if they used all the cartoon voices and the robots looked exactly like the old toys, and you made your wife go to that movie, you would come home divorced, and you would probably feel like she was justified.

  20. Kinda dangerous to do such a sober adaptation. They’re going for hard SF rather than embracing the campiness. It’s like the American Godzilla approach. Tough sell.

    Wake me up when they buy the rights to Silver Hawks.

  21. meh, to many people and not enough robots for me (Granted the film doesn’t come out till July so maybe they don’t have most of the effects done) but i would have rather seen to robots beat the shit out of eachother, maybe have Optimus speak once. I want a trailer like this to give me the chills. However, it did not.

  22. Wake me up when they buy the rights to Silver Hawks.

    Wake me up when they buy the rights to Go-Bots.

  23. ey boy, I couldn’t be less excited about a movie. We’ve all see Transformers the Movie. It was perfect, hey it’s out on DVD. Go buy that and save your theatre money for Spider-Man 3.

  24. I’ll be completely honest with you. I bought Transformers: The Movie back in 2000 in a fit of nostalgia and I couldn’t even make it through fifteen minutes. It made G.I. Joe: The Movie seem like Citizen Kane.

  25. This is why Silver Hawks is the ideal franchise.

    There’s no existing movie. No one cares about it all that much. But you can usually get a mini eye glimmer out of some 20-somethings when you mention it.

    “Oh yeah…the orange kid who whistled to talk. Riiiiight.”

    Some times you just need to play it safe.

  26. OMG you did NOT just bring up Silverhawks!
    That was my ALL TIME FAVORITE Cartoon for like a year in the 80s.

    I LOVED it, back before eBay I used to be on a HUNT for the action figures – but I gave up…damn I loved that show.

  27. I, uh… had all of the Silverhawks figures…

  28. Right, but I meant mainstream America.

    You’re always going to find a small group entirely dedicated to say Quick Draw McGraw or Denver the Last Dinosaur. Whereas the Transformers have a much wider, angrier fan base. Not that they shouldn’t be making a Transformers movie. But I wouldn’t envy the filmmakers.

    How about…what was it..Lonestar, the cowboy with the power of 12 cougars or whatever? May or may not be a cyborg…

  29. Marshall Bravestarr?

    And, while I can’t picture it, I started up the Denver the Last Dinosaur theme song in my head the moment I read that. Odd.

  30. Yeah. Bravestarr. Checked up on wikipedia; he has quite the rich backstory. “New Texas” is a perfectly feasible moniker for a planet.

    Back to the trailer. Everybody wants to see more robots, but I feel like we’re not gonna be saying that in a few months. I’m not looking forward to the jokey Bumblebee TV spots headed for the airwaves. They can only keep up the pretense of robot gravitas for so long before they have to start advertising to the younger demographic. And that means quips from talking hot rods. Which, frighteningly, has been done.

  31. I, uh… had all of the Silverhawks figures…

    No f’n way. Really?
    yet another reason for me to hate you.

  32. Oh, god – the opening! I used to love that show.

    (I forgot they had Boba Fett-esque masks.)

    Man, the 80s were a fantastic time for afternoon action-adventure cartoons: G.I. Joe, Transformers, Silverhawks, Gobots, Thundercats, Bionic Six, M.A.S.K., Voltron…

  33. The cartoons back then were indeed awesome.
    I was xmas shopping and saw Voltron season 2 (yellow lion box) and I was tempted…

  34. Thanks for posting the YouTube video, Ron. That was awesome.

    Remember how they did a little astronomy quiz at the end of each show in the Silverhawks Cerebro chamber looking thing? Enrichment!

    You guys should have an 80s cartoon casting contest.

  35. Silverhawks?! No effing way! I thought I was the only one!! This is embedded in my memory like something I dreamed, like you just said my Manchurian Candidate trigger word.

  36. It’s always the throwaway gags that take over in the end….

  37. There must be some connect between comic readers and that show, because, for some reason, I just loved that show, which wasn’t around very long.

  38. the 80’s were a virtually litany of great (and er, not-so-great) toons:
    Thundarr, the Barbarian
    Star Blazers
    Dungeons & Dragons (now available on DVD..woohoo)
    Tranzor Z
    Rubik, the Amazing Cube…ok, that one’s a stretch….

  39. Thundarr is, of course, excellent for taking place in the post apocalyptic world of 1994. And we’re allowed to make fun of that because they make a big deal out of it in the opening.

  40. Hey, I remember 1994, it WAS pretty apocalyptic…although i don’t remember any Mucks (?) running around…talk about foreshadowing…

  41. I was indeed using a malaprop 😛 beh, yeh, moot, that’s the word I wanted…. guess that’s why their are editors for books eh 🙂

    Ahhh, I really don’t want to start buying Anime collections…. once I start, all my money will go towards it and then what will I use to purchase comics with?! 😉

    Anyone remember Sky Raiders?

  42. OMG! I just watched the Silver Hawks intro! I have had that show in the back of my mind since I was a kid, but could NEVER remember the name! I remember always wanting to be the pilot guy when I was a kid, DAMN! thats awesome, thanks

  43. Transformers was always my favorite over G.I. Joe. Even as a pre-teen/teen, I was sophisticated enough to know that you couldn’t have that much shooting and no one ever getting hit. Transformers the movie would hold up a lot better if it wasn’t for the music… eugh! Remember “Cobra LA LA LA LA”? It was awesomely stupid! Couldn’t you just see a GI Joe movie starring the rock? Casting call contest, anyone? (Paul Walker was BORN to play Duke!)

  44. I can see all my great childhood memories being crushed by that damn Michael Bay. Damn you Michael Bay! Damn you Spielberg! Why didn’t you direct it?! WHY?!

    Did I spell his name right?

  45. I’m totally psyched for this. this is the film he was meant to direct. hopefully he will quit after this. I don’t care what optimus or bumble bee look like.

    I heard there was a “Dick in the Box” reference that has been added to the movie a la “Juggernaut bitch”

  46. You know, everybody wants to talk about the Transformers (which I understand, as Transformers were quite literally The Thing That Got Me Into Comics; I should talk more about this at some relevant point) but I’m surprised at the lack of attention paid to the CGI Ninja Turtles. When I was in middle school/junior high, the scarcity of TMNT comics was like a preview of 90s speculation.

    Of course, that was before Vanilla Ice’s “ninja! ninja! RAP!” Tends to… dilute the brand a little.

  47. CGI Ninja Turtles

    THANK YOU Jimski! Oh dear God I cannont wait for this movie, I can’t wait. I mean Patrick Stewart does a voice, Kevin Smith does one and Sarah Michelle Gellar. This is a nerd joygasim of a film. I’ll be honest, my 80’s show were Turtles, Ducktails and The Real Ghostbusters. Tranformers used to be “the show before turtles”. I got into it later like gangbusters. I just bought the 20th Anvier. DVD. I love that there resurgence in 80’s shows. My favorite thing from 80’s cartoons is the overly done rock n’ roll metal guitar.

    I’m curious, will there be a special “Transformers” podcast when it comes out ala X3, or Superman Returns? I know it wasn’t first a comic book. It was a group of toys, but still, one can dream, and I shall, I shall dream!

  48. Tranformers used to be “the show before turtles”. I think… {checks catholic catechism} Yes, that is officially blasphemy. Please see your pastor.

    I just bought the 20th Anvier. DVD.

    Pardon me; I need to go die of old age.

    (My personal backtory: remember when they used to put three random comics in a bag and sell them at toy stores? Anyone? My mom let me have the one with Transformers 1, 2, and 3 in it; #3 featured a guest appearance by Spider-Man in his black costume; the rest, as they say, is history.)

  49. I just watched the Silver Hawks intro. Wow, that was awesome. The show contents weren’t all that great, and the villains not so much either, but dang, that may be one of the best intro’s to any cartoon in history. The animation was really sharp too.

    Turtles? I watched turtles, and I gotta say, I always felt like there was to much campy sci-fi stuff (like the alien guy in the belly of the robot, Krang? that’s crazy), and not enough ninja fightin. Just me. I kinda like the orginal TMNT movies, the animatronic puppeteering work was really good. (although I agree Vanilla Ice sucked) I think the best thing that may have come out of the TMNT universe was the video games. The first one on the NES was awesome, and wicked hard.

  50. Optimus looks like the only one thats going to look like the cartoon version.

    Tell me this Why do Bruckhaimer movies always have to have a car chase on a freeway?

  51. duh because chases rulz

  52. this isn’t a Bruckhaimer film, at least I don’t think so. It’s Spielberg, same team from “The Island”.

  53. No it’s not Bruckheimer, it’s Michael Bay, which is in my opinion, worse. Spielberg is only a producer on the film.

  54. I’m not getting that excited about this film yet. It might end up looking really cool but what about the story? Who knows?? It could end up being really good like ID4, that’s what it kinda looks like to me.

    What’s up with the girl holding the My Little Pony Plush Doll? That’s really cheesy “product placement”…what’s next? Micheal Jackson drinking Pepsi, ET making an appearance, the delorean from Back To The Future…and other 80’s icons.

  55. HEY HEY HEY!

    Say what you will about other 80’s icons, but leave the the delorean out of this. Come now. That Icon has had a hard enough life as it is.

  56. Wow,. MASK! You know it