Trailer: New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ International Trailer is Better at Everything

This 700th iteration of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer includes a number of sequences with which we’re well familiar, but there’s also heaps of new. In many ways, it’s the most revealing cut yet, not just because Alice Eve turns up in her skivvies for some odd reason.


If you want to go into this sequel relatively clean, you might want to pass over this one, as it’s not nearly as ambiguous or abstract as those that came before. This is really the point where we can start to connect some dots and grasp at the terror plot hatched by Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison, a Starfleet turncoat who’s looking more and more like a Bond villain with each passing glimpse.

Let’s have a look.



  1. Less than 2 months away seems like forever. Where’s a tear in the space/time continuum when you need one?

  2. Holy Crap!
    That looks amazing

  3. “…Alice Eve turns up in her skivvies for some odd reason.”

    This is an outrage and totally uncalled for! It’s an obvious attempt to increase viewers for this movie and an insult to any reasonable thinking individual. The constant ‘parading’ of a women in movies who, yes, in this case has a fit body and is very attractive and I’m sure is a very nice person, but…anyway…my point is… This kind of treatment of objectifying women must end!

    Btw, does anyone know how long you can pause a video clip before it goes blin…,er before it cuts off?

  4. I am so excited for this. A little hesitant about the crew hunting down a fugitive Tommy Lee Jones style, but the fact that Weller’s character addresses that in the trailer helps to keep those concerns at bay. Also, we’re seeing a whole lot of Earth and not much space, but we keep seeing much of the same foootage (no problem with that), so hopefully they’ll spend plenty of time on the Frontier.

    Those minor curiosities aside, every trailer has been really exciting, and the movie looks like a ton of fun. Really looking forward to it. It’s gonna be such a good summer.


  5. Man so many spoilers in this. I am just going to back away slowly and try to forget I ever saw this.

  6. You know, they keep saying Cumberbatch isn’t Khan and then he keeps doing Khan stuff. Maybe at the end he’ll have an “X-Men: First Class” style reveal. “Call me…KHAN!”

    Also, it looks really cool, but it seems like it might suffer from a case of the Lindelof syndrome that crippled “Prometheus.” Basically, really cool ideas and awe-inspiring set pieces but terrible dialogue. So far what’s been featured is characters exchanging stoic platitudes or unnatural sounding exposition. “I must go after him!” “I’m better than you.” It just seems very blunt when compared to the first film, where Kirk also had a strong sense of duty but also a wry sense of humor and came across as the smartest guy in the room (even compared to Spock). In this he comes off like a football player.

  7. Woohoo, looks like they gave Buckaroo Banzai a starship! I hope it comes with an oscillation overthruster.

  8. you know it never really hit me how big those ships are in relation to so many things.
    cities for instance. that would really be a weird thing to see.

  9. For some strange reason I dig that, in Alcatraz, they found a new and unique piece of easily identifiable architecture to destroy.

  10. What is it with Star Trek movies and the need to destroy the Enterprise?

    • “There are plenty of letters left in the alphabet.”

      – Captain Jean Luc Picard 😉

    • lol you’re totally right.

      But really, when you think about it, each ship is kind of like a character in their own right, so seeing the destruction of one of our beloved galaxy class starships can be very dramatic.

      …I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. 😛

    • Not to be That Guy, but Kirk’s first Enterprise is Constitution class. Picard’s Enterprise was Galaxy class. But yeah, I felt more emotion watching the Enterprise-D be destroyed in Generations than I have over actual characters dying.

  11. thank god Doctor Who returns next week ….

  12. I love the group of red suits walking with guns. Wonder how that’s going to turn out.

  13. I’m calling bullsh!t.

    That’s clearly 21st Century Lingerie Technology.