TRAILER: ‘Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox’

Here’s your first look at the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie and it’s the closest you’re probably ever going to get to a animated film starring The Flash unless Warner Bros. ever ends up actually making a live action version.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on July 30, 2013.


  1. How close to the source material is this going to be? I don’t recall Captain Atom being in the books, but I may be mistaken. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing it.

  2. “We’re running out of time!”

    Sounds like maybe Kevin Conroy is voicing Batman again? That’s cool!

  3. I really enjoyed the last two Justice League features…Looking forward to this!

  4. I welcome any chance to see more of Flashpoint Superman. I wonder how they plan to incorporate characters that weren’t in the story like Green Lantern and Captain Atom. Really excited for this!

    • I think that’s before Flashpoint happens, it would really help sell this movie if we see how everyone differs from their Flashpoint selves versus their real selves.

    • Ah, good point. I forgot not everyone has a working knowledge of most of these characters.

  5. I like the animation style they’ve chosen for this – much better than some of the designs in recent ones. (Don’t get me wrong; I’ve still enjoyed the others, but I feel like I would have loved – for example – Superman versus the Elite a bit more without the jutting cartoon chin Superman.)

  6. I’m eager to see this! I loved all the Batman movies and liked almost all the Justice League ones. Have yet to see Superman Unbound though.

  7. am i the only person who is liking the animation style they’re using less and less?

    since “doom” they seem to have taken on progressively more “anime” character designs. i have nothing against anime as a particular style, but it feels wrong with these characters. it takes me out of the movie, at any rate.

    good on them for continuing to make these, and i’m not saying they have to have a “timmverse” look. this current style just feels off.

    • Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I prefer the anime infused style by and large, but I think the sweet spot is what they were doing with Young Justice. Those character models were terrific.

    • Every DC movie should look like Young Justice or else we’ll get another Superman: Unbound or VS The Elite.

  8. Anyone else weary of the whole “Alternate Universe” thing?

  9. Can’t wait for this! The utter joy of getting (basically) a Flash animated movie aside, I’m excited for them to streamline the Flashpoint storyline, which had a very promising core idea. They’ve proven that they can improve on clunky comic stories with Red Hood, so I really hope this works.

  10. This looks fantastic!!! I ended up really liking “Flashpoint” and the various tie-ins, so I’m nervious about how they adapt the story, and I’m alittle annoyed that the Flash needs the JL to star in a movie but I’m looking forward to this. I love the tone of the trailer, it intrigues me by hinting at what’s gonna happen. Hopefully we see lots of the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

    • The war between Atlantis and Themyscira is an element from the books I hope gets expanded for the movie. In the book’s main series it felt glossed over and you had to go to the tie-in’s to get more info on it.

    • I loved the tie-ins, but I didn’t read the ones that dealt specifically with Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Wish I had. Maybe I’ll save for Absolute Flashpoint, or just preorder this. Maybe in the movie they could do like reports from the battlefield (like the reporter’s interviews in “The Dark Knight Returns”) and show the two sides fighting and Aquaman just being all basses and flooding nations and impaling people with his Trident and Shit!!! Y’know, just to get across to people that Artur Curry ain’t no joke, it’s 2013 son. Wow, it’s been awhile since I was this excited for DC animated movie…

  11. Looks cool.

    Digging DC’s animation.

  12. Flashpoint was awesome and I’m stoked to see Thomas Wayne as Batman again.
    Flashpoint’s Superman is also very cool.

  13. Yeah I’m not too crazy about the the animation having a very japanese anime look to it but at least it looks WAY better than the recent Superman animated films. God don;t even get me started on how terrible Superman Unbound looked. Either way, this looks cool, I thought the comic was a bit of a mess and the crossovers really hurt the pace as it was all over the place, but maybe distilling it down to the most important stuff in a 75 min feature might improve the overall story.

  14. I like how the trailer says “based on the mini series by Geoff Johns.” Did the artwork just appear out of tin air?

    • Unlike All-star Superman or Batman Year One, this doesn’t appear to take any visual influence from the comic. Maybe “from the story” by Geoff Johns would have been better.

  15. There doesn’t seem to be any shazam. Thats disapointing.

  16. Always good to see when the mouths barely match up with what’s being said. Top teir stuff.

  17. I hope they throw Booster Gold in there as he was one of the only ppl besides Flash that knew the world wasn’t itself. Also any of the Resistance characters or entire concept w at least some of the chosen characters with whomever else they throw in should be there somehow. I thought the Resistance had a strong element in the over all story.

  18. I’d like to reserve judgement until I see the film, but the voice of the Flash isn’t doing it for me. He sounds like a rookie marine in a “Gears of War” or “Call of Duty,” i.e,, some young, high-pitched voice trying to sound raspy and tough. If they’re bringing back some of the classic actors for Batman, GL, and WW, why couldn’t they have gone with one of the Flashes that have worked so far?

  19. I loved Flashpoint and am really looking forward to this. I hope the film ends the same way as it did in the comics. I admit I got teary eyed.