TRAILER: Just How Whelming is ‘Young Justice: Legacy’ the Video Game?

The ultimate fate of our beloved Young Justice animated series is murky at best. Cartoon Network yanked the series from the air earlier this year with little sign of a possible return. While we cling to the hope that we’ll see more of the Robins, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Superboy, Kid Flash, Zatanna, and all the rest on the small screen, we’ve at least got Young Justice: Legacy on the horizon.

From Young Justice: Legacy

It looks quite a bit like Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance titles of past years, which seems an appropriate format for a big cast like this one. It also appears to take place between seasons one and two, and features latter-day teammates like Beast Boy. Not the most robust visuals, to be honest. In fact, the screens here look like they’re from handheld or mobile versions, though no such platforms are listed in the final screen.

It looks like the action game will appear on PC, PSN, XBox Live Arcade, (and potentially the Wii and Nintendo DS if Wikipedia is to be believed) some time in early 2013.

Overwhelmed? Underwhelmed? Whelmed? Let us know.


  1. I hope to god this show comes back.

    • Me too. When every time I tuned in it turned out to be How to Train Your Dragon, I went through stages of grief week by week (never reached acceptance, as I am stubborn).

  2. Looks fun. I hadn’t heard of this game.

    My nephew loved loved loved playing the Teen Titans game on PS2 with me, so I hope this game will provide more good times for us.

  3. It seems like they could have gone a little further with this game. If it is indeed just for the (lighter) mobile / DLC platforms, I will be disappointed. I think this title could have supported a “full” version.

  4. Oh, and that trailer is awful. It actually reminds me of bad ads from the 90’s. Have we learned nothing?

  5. For anyone who hadn’t heard. The YJ creators had significant input into the game’s story, and the events in the game are “cannon” to the show. It, along w/ the comic, help to fill the 5 year time gap.

  6. Just whelmed.