Not so long ago, Jeffrey Brown turned his attention, briefly, from cats and anthropomorphic vehicles to a galaxy far, far away. Darth Vader and Son is hurtling to a retailer near you. We’re thinking it’s gonna be fairly popular with the geek dad set, those proud papas who selected that particular papoose for its resemblance to Luke’s Dagobah gear.

Want more? Here’s a trailer.

Us fuzzballs are ready to laugh it up. And just maybe get a little Force-choked up at all the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little droids blue and…that’s no moon!

Look for it later this month.


  1. There’s no question here, but the answer is yes.

  2. I lost it when Vader said “help me take my mask off”

  3. This looks awesome. Brown really nails the nuances of the character designs. That cantina panel looks like it jumped right off the screen.

  4. This looks great, definetly going to pick this up.

  5. Your puns have filled me with great joy.

    Man, it must be hard for Lil’ Luke to see out of that helmet. He might pay a price for his lack of vision.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    He’s so good at single panel gags. I’m so smitten with the trick-or-treat one. Not the stormtrooper joke, though that’s good too, but the image of Vader standing a polite distance away. It’s this touching little story told in a single frame.

    • Agreed. Also, he manages to capture the likenesses of Mon Mothma and General Madine and still keep it cartoony as well. Pretty impressive.

      “Many Bothans died to bring us this Halloween candy.”

  7. cute. looks like a lot of fun for the ifan-popas.

  8. Love it.

  9. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I got mine today and it’s actually even lovelier than expected.

  10. Saw this at C2E2. It is, indeed, awesome.