Trailer: ‘Infinite Crisis’ Brings MOBA Gameplay to the DC Universe

Perhaps in response to the upcoming Marvel Heroes isometric MMO, the DC Universe readies for its own online battles with a MOBA called Infinite Crisis.


Developed by Turbine, Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Area) game in the style of Awesomenauts, Ratchet & Crank: Full Frontal Assault or the LotR-branded Guardians of Middle-Earth. While they’ve been around for a bit, MOBA’s have exploded in frequency and popularity of late with an increasing number of gamers looking for new multiplayer experiences in the online realm. Each IP takes on its own aesthetic and mechanics, but they might best be described loosely as capture-the-flag or tower defense styled real time strategy games, with players controlling single characters or units of one affiliation in an effort to destroy or conquer their opponent’s base.

In terms of story, Infinite Crisis looks to pull characters from various realities in the DC Universe, some inspired by Elseworld tales like Gotham by Gaslight. So a hero team could include multiple iterations of Batman, including a leathery-winged “Nightmare Batman” in addition to more traditional takes on the character. That goes for villain teams as well, as you’ll see various takes on the Joker in the trailer below.

Infinite Crisis launches later this year for Windows PC’s. Check out the official site for screenshots, character bios, and more.


  1. Oh man I wonder who’s gonna be the Swain of this game. This has easily sky rocketed way higher above Marvel Heroes for me.

  2. I doubt this is officially related to Countdown: Arena but this does remind me of that miniseries. Here’s hoping it’s much, much better.

  3. Even as someone that’s played video games for nearly thirty years, I have no idea what this game is supposed to play like from looking at this. Can someone explain it? The gameplay footage makes it look like Diablo. Is it like Diablo? I feel old.

    • Here this video will explain and review everything about the most popular game in the genre.

    • TL;DR version is that you control one unit in a team. The objective is to destroy a target which is blocked by turrets and the other team.

      Units called creeps continuity flow through the map and you can attack them to level up/use them to absorb damage from turrets. If you die, the other team is rewarded so you have play tactically and not just charge in.

      They’re quite fun and have room for great depth. ‘MOBA’ is kind of a useless name but it stuck. Idle Thumbs calls them ‘Lords Management Games’.

  4. Its like DOTA or LOL (defense of the ancients and League of Legends). They are Online Multiplayer Arena battles. The controls and camera use are similar to Diablo. Your goal in the match is to either score more points then the other team (by killing other players or destroying towers/bases) or to wipe out a central base or flag as you will.
    You level up your character as you play the matches and the matches normally run between 30-45 minutes a piece.

  5. I wonder what would ruin it first, racist LoL players or racist comic-book nerds?

  6. This looks kind of cool, unfortunately I couldn’t get DCUO to work on my laptop so.I doubt I’ll be able to play this. It does kind of add variety to a game when you can play a Vampire Batman and fight the Mark Hamill Joker.

    • Im certain if your pc can play League of Legends or DOTA or HoN you could play this. Unless im proven wrong.

    • Well I downloaded DC Universe Online 3 separate times and couldn’t get it to play on my laptop. I asked someone who has more experience with these games and he suggested I might have an outdated graphics card. Still I could download this beta or the game and try it out, nothing to lose. Then again, would it take 4 hours to download like DCUO?

    • Well it’s been a year since I downloaded League of Legends and IIRC it took me about 45 minutes to install. MOBA’s aren’t as graphics heavy as DCUO is so you really shouldn’t have any difficulty. Also have you played any of the other MOBA games out there ?

    • Nope, I’m more of an emulator kind of guy. I have the first 5 Spnic the Hedgehogs downloaded on my laptop. As long as it won’t take 4 hours to download I’ll try playing this one, I was pretty disappointed I couldn’t play DCUO. I’ve never played any MOBAs tho.

    • Go and download League of Legends, it’s the most popular game in the MOBA genre and is a good entry point to the genre. If your pc can play it Infinite will probably work. Unless they release it on the next gen Xbox and PS4. Also if you wanna play click this link:

      It’s for their referral program so I can get more Influence Points.

    • Yeah, no, only jump into a MOBA/DOTA game blindly if you hate yourself or get off on being berated by smelly neckbeards. First, check out some youtube videos.

    • @muddi900 Honestly my experience with LoL isn’t as bad. Not nearly as many “neckbeards” yelling at me.

  7. I have been craving for a super hero MOBA forever. Count me in.