Touring Gotham Soon? Here’s a Tourist Map

Conor may have skipped town for the weekend, but f’ed if we’ll let some fun Batman talk go undiscussed.

Here’s a tourist’s map of Gotham in case you wanted to see Crime Alley on your next vacation…

Thanks to Carrie for the link.

Personally I eat this shit up with a spoon. I used to love those “behind the scenes” pages in the old comics of like the layout of the X-Mansion or the details of the Baxter Building…


  1. Thanks, that’s neat. I’m surprised at your interest Ron, with your adverse feeling toward Batman books.

  2. If I recall correctly, this map was published in one of those special Wizard publications that came out at the tail-end of No Man’s Land story.

  3. i love the archie goodwin memorial airport!

  4. LOL, That map is pretty cool & I really like the names used: Aparo Park is my fav because he’s a great artist! I also love Sprang Bridge too, ha ha!