Top Shelf Gets a Facelift

If you found yourself at today, you'd see a bright shiny new website.  I can imagine that this is the beginning of improvements in the aftermath of their investment deal a little while back.  When you get there, not only will you see a shiny new face on the web for the venerable publisher, but a host of new release news from such luminaries as Jeffrey Brown (Undeleted Scenes) and the familiar Kathryn and Stuart Immonen (Moving Pictures), and more.  Take your time, and browse through the 2010 releases to see some impressive goodies.

While you're there, check out some free original webcomics at Top Shelf 2.0.  Maybe you'll find something particular you like there.


  1. Looking forward to Moving Pictures, BB Wolf & 3 LPs, Incredible Change Bots 2, and Jeff Lemire 2012 project coming out for Top Shelf. 

  2. That new cover design done by Matt Kindt for "Tricked" is the hotness.

  3. woohoo!

  4. i hear they’re doing something with the Immonems. Good for them.

  5. oh. XD guess I didn’t look at that image thar. I apologize for being dense.

  6. Saw Moving Pictures in the new Previews.  Looks gorgeous, with an interesting story to boot.

  7. i was ready to be all "oh, come on, Josh, you’re publishing this because you want some work there and trying to butter them up" but then i had a look – it’s actually pretty cool

  8. They could just release the new Super Spy and Super F*ckers, and I’d be happy.  Man, oh man, though, do they have a great looking schedule for this year.

  9. Woah , that is a nice , very nice schedule.  I see a solid 6 Top shelf books , I will be getting this year.