Top 5: Powerful Comic Book Objects

5. Mother Box

Ping! What can't a Mother Box do? Way better than an iPhone 4, the New Gods rely on these tiny sentient computers for just about everything cool they've got going on. The problem is, they don't have a mute switch. Ping!


4. Green Lantern Ring

If you can think it, and think it hard enough, you can make that ring do anything. The weakness is a poor battery life, but it's not a bad trade off. Then again, if every Corpsman gets a ring and a power battery, why don't they just make the rings out of the same stuff they make the power batteries from? Have we not been able to upgrade that technology? Either way, whether you want to ring up a monster truck or a horde of dragons or just fly around, this is your jam right here.


3. Cosmic Cube

Why not remake reality? With the Cube, you can. And after that product description, what more need be said. The only problem I can come up with for the Cosmic Cube is that as soon as you get moving on your Cubing, Reed Richards and Steve Rogers are on your ass. Every time. It shouldn't be possible really, but there you are.


2. Infinity Gauntlet

Everthing the Cosmic Cube can do, and more! If you absolutely, positively must impress Death* this holiday season, this fetching handwear is the must-have accessory.

*Infinity Gauntlet Inc. makes no claims or warrantees that Death will actually be impressed. Do not taunt Infinity Gauntlet.


1. Boxing Glove Arrow

Bear with me now. Sure, these other objects have great power and world ending capabilities. However, when you really want to get the goat of your enemies, what's going to make a stronger impact (!) than the crushing humiliation of being taken out old school, analog style? No one gets to brag about that in the Super Pen. If you get taken down by the Boxing Glove Arrow, the other inmates are guaranteed to take your pudding every day in the cafeteria, at the very least. Think about it.


Honorable Mention: Crimson Gem of Cytorrak

In the "best name" category, Juggernaut's source of power is clearly up there. It turns out he can't be stopped as well.


  1. I have to honorably mention  the Phantom Zone Projector.

    i like the point about the boxing arrow glove. Its the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. No Hammers?

  3. @tomdpimp thank god!

  4. <i>”Do not taunt Infinity Gauntlet.”</i>  Priceless!

    I loved that the Boxing Glove Arrrow made the list, but I’d give the GL ring the edge, because you can use it to make both a boxing glove <i>and</i> a catcher’s mitt.  Respect.

  5. Green Lantern’s ring’s inability to make a hoagie kept it from being further up the list. In other news, I want a hoagie.

  6. I see the logic in the boxing glove arrow argument, but I think getting KO’ed by the boomrang arrow would be slightly more insulting.  It has a boomerang on the tip of the arrow.  How do you not figure that out and turn around?

    I would like to put in a vote for the Ultimate Nullifier.  If it makes Galactus turn tail and run just by pointing it at him, that’s an object of power!   Also makes a great party trick.

  7. Oh wow. I love the number 1. Thank you Josh, I needed that.

  8. I cannot describe how happy I am that #1 is #1.

  9. @Flounder Agreed. Ultimate Nullifier should be there.

  10. I love the use of the Boxing Glove Arrow on this list, but I’m amazed that the Miracle Machine and especially Ultron didn’t receive mentions.

  11. Great article ¡¡. But, in other order, i have a mention: Bruce Wayne´s Brain =The master mind. 

  12. Super Happy Fun Ball is actually an Infinity Gem.  It all makes sense now…

  13. The Green Lantern ring is in fact my jam. well done on the best name also

  14. nice. For an encore, how about Top 5 Most Indestructible (Least Destructible?) Comic Book objects?

  15. Re #1;  Who says that Josh does not like fun?!?  Bah, I say! Bah!

  16. Two Words: Ultimate. Nullifier.

  17. @kidsodapop: Ultimate Nullifier for sure! (Also a “best name” candidate)

  18. Outstanding. Lmfao. Made my day

  19. Ultimate Nullifier not withstanding, we are missing an oppotunity if we don’t combine these to have an arrow wearing the Infinity Guantlet with a Green Lantern Ring on it holding the Cosmic Cube.  That would spit in your Eye of Agamotto.

  20. Good show, sir. This made me laugh when I needed it most.


  21. Emcrom Crystal.

  22. Enchanted Wrecking Bar!

  23. ooh, how about the M’Kraan Crystal (sp?) from the Dark Phoenix saga

  24. All of these objects are inferior when faced with the power of Squirrel Girl. Just saying.