Top 5: Evil Apes


5. Cy-Gor (Spawn)


4. Dmitri-9 (The Filth)


3. Ultra-Humanite (DC Comics)


2. Kriegaffe (Hellboy)


1. Grodd (DC Comics)


  1. What?  No Detective Chimp?

  2. Even as a joke…

  3. Dimitri-9 is awesome, always loved him from the Filth.

    When does Hellboy fight the evil ape?  I can’t wait to get to that.  Is he actually saing "BOOM!" because that kicks ass.

  4. The battle was never for number one.  The battle was for who gets two through five behind Grodd!

  5. That’s quite the list.  Hellboy is awesome.

    @gobo – 

  6. No Monsieur Mallah? Bummer.

  7. yes, Grodd has to be #1

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Gotta go with Dr. Zaius in the #6 slot. What an asshole. 

  9. @Paul: Yes!

    I’m surprised none of the Red Ghost’s Super-Apes made the list.

  10. Grodd is my fav villain. I have no clue why. I barely ever read story about him. I just love him for some bizarre reason!

  11. This list is good, but my clear favorites are the Red Ghost’s Super-Apes.

  12. Extremely surprised to see Cy-Gor on this list, but no Monsuier Malla

  13. Best thing about that Hellboy panel is that he’s punching the ape with his "off" hand. Awesome.

  14. Monsieur Mallah and Rosie O’Donnell

  15. @ultimatehoratio – Rosie is on the way to your house. And she’s hungry.

  16. I’m safe. She’s not into the xy.

  17. Somewhere, Mikhlo, Peotr, and Igor are crying.  And I’m both ashamed and proud that I didn’t have to look that up.

  18. Grodd ran for public office. The Red Ghost’s apes were lackeys of the sad follower of a crumbling political system. 

    Grodd can also turn a cop car into a pimp car. 

  19. Is the list limited to apes in comics?  Because if not, Koko should have a place here.  You CANNOT trust an animal that attempts to learn one of our languages.  It is just too sinister.  I claim that she is the harbinger of the revolution!

  20. The evilest ape of all?



  21. Just got a text from Ultra-Humanite.  He’s pissed that I compared apes to Rosie O’Donnell.  Telepathically compelled me to issue a public apology.

    Sorry, apes.

  22. No Mandril? The dude has the power to control women’s minds by making them smell him! 

  23. Really?  Marvel never had a evil genius gorilla?