Top 5: Comic Book Scarecrows


Fantagraphics Scarecrow

5. The Scarecrow

James Sturm's 1992 series The Cereal Killings told the story of a group of has-been breakfast cereal mascots getting bumped off one by one. The jolly fellow above vanishes at the beginning of the book and appears to be the key to the whole mystery. I hope you have gotten the most out of this synopsis, because the book has never been reprinted.


4. The Scarecrow

This member of the 18th century League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is also known as Captain Clegg, and also known as Dr. Syn, and also known as Reverend Syn, and also known as Reverend Doctor Syn, and also known as Make Up Your Mind-Man.


3. The Scarecrow

This Marvel supervillain has the power to instill panic in his foes. He is also a trained contortionist and escapist but still only makes it to #3 for having a worse publicist than the other guy. In addition, he has trained an army of two dozen attack crows, which is a long way to go to accessorize your costume.


2. The Scarecrow

This DC supervillain has the ability to instill panic in his foes. He is apparently very, very good at it, having recently been recognized as Yellow Lantern material by the Sinestro Corps, probably after they saw that Christopher Nolan movie.



1. The Scarecrow

The interim king of Oz is and always will be the first one on this list you think of. It was no contest even before he had Skottie Young on his side.


  1. Marvel has a Scarecrow?  I had no idea. Whelp, I’ve learned my one new fact for the day.  Time to shut the ol’ noggin’ down…

  2. My personal favorite is the The Scarecrow, but The Scarecrow is also good.

    Skottie Young is incredible. 

  3. The Scarecrow should’ve made the list.


    I believe he’s even a Moon Knight villain… original. 

  4. I can’t believe you left off the Scarecrow (and I don’t mean the associate of Mrs. King)! If this had been my list, I would’ve put the Scarecrow at number three.

    @stuclach – The Scarecrow is also my favorite, but I wouldn’t classify the Scarecrow as "good." Maybe OK at best. I guess everyone’s got an opinion though. 

  5. @Kodaiji – We must be referring to different Scarecrows.  I’m referring to the good ones.  Though the bad ones are also good…

  6. I would have rated Scarecrow higher than Scarecrow, but whatever.

    (Brilliant list.)

  7. Reading this, I want a character named "Crowscare" or "Ccaresrow" what he does, I don’t know… I’m putting a copyright on that. 

  8. @Neb even Spider-man and Mary Jane were shocked to find out he had a Scarecrow.

  9. I can’t believe you guys left out Scarecrow.  List is fail. 

  10. If you like these Scarecrows, then  its blatantly obvious that you haven’t read (creator x’s) run on New Ultimate Secret Scarecrow Rebirth….because then you’d know that is the only scarecrow worth discussing. 

  11. aaaaand I should have read the other comments more closely to make sure someone else didn’t do the same joke.  BetaRayRyan fails at the internet.

  12. Really The Scarecrow is #1. I could see him as #2 or lower maybe but #1.

  13. This seems to be a very circular discussion…

  14. The Scarecrow rocks.  I am happy he made the list.

  15. Too bad the Gunwitch isn’t named Scarecrow. 

  16. The Cereal Killings sounds like a really fun premise! Hopefully it gets reprinted some day; I’d love to check it out.

  17. WTF!?  You guys forgot the Scarecrow. 

  18. @Ryan there’s a similarly themed webcomic, but alas no Scarecrow.

  19. They all suck.

  20. @RaceMcCloud Ouch. I wouldn’t go that far, but I tend to like DC’s scarecrow than the "hyuck! friendly scarecrow! gwarsh!" Oh wait, that’s how the lion talked. Anywho, I never seen the flick, the play, or cartoon. But I did buy Young’s book and enjoyed it a good bit.

  21. The Scarecrow forever (Y)

  22. The Scarecrow should’ve been #1.

  23. Seriously, I’m pretty sure that the dude who appeared for one panel is better than Marvel’s Scarecrow.  

    Does Clark Kent on a cross in a field count as a scarecrow?

  24. What – no Scarecrow?  How long till this joke isn’t funny anymore?  At least five more posts.

  25. I probably would have switched Scarecrow with Scarecrow, but then again, Scarecrow is obviously in the right spot. Scarecrow should have been dropped from the list to make room for Scarecrow. 

    All joking aside, Scarecrow (DC) is my favorite Batman villain.  

  26. Wow guys. 25 variations on the same joke. Impressive.

    You left out my favorite Scarecrow; The Scarecrow.



  27. Srsly?