Time to Vote for the New Leader of The Legion of Super-Heroes

If you think the issues are contentious right now, imagine just how complicated the political landscape will be in the 31st century. Where there are more asteroids. That's why it's more important than ever to examine your hearts and minds, do some back-issue diving and cast your vote for the next leader of the ragtag Legion of Super-Heroes. Per tradition, the winner of the fan poll will take on the mantle of chairman in Paul Levitz's ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes comic, potentially forcing the writer into a direction he might never have conceived otherwise. 

The rules are simple. Head over to the official online election page before 10th November, choose one active member of the Legion, and cast your vote. No chads to dangle. No confusing forms. No registration necessary. Just remember. No powers. 

So, who's it gonna be? 



  1. I’m voting for Phantom Girl because, well, Braniac 5 is a jerk sometimes and her costume is rocking. Also her name is Phantom Girl. Amazing resume right there.

  2. Where is Matter Eater Lad?  I cast my write-in vote for the guy who can eat everything!  Possibly my favorite power ever.

  3. @MisterJ – According to a page promoting the election in this month’s issue of the series, Matter-Eater Lad is exempt because he’s not an active member these days. 

  4. I voted Quislet simply because that’s the closest we’re ever going to get to Skeets leading the JLA.

  5. I voted Mon-El because he was pretty cool during World of New Krypton and I’d like to see more of him. Earth-Man was a close second in my mind simply because I’d love to see the implications of that choice.

  6. I don’t really know any of these characters, so i have to go based off looks…so with that said i choose Shrinking Violet.

    The picture they have above the voting section has Lighting Lad and Saturn Girl, but they’re not votable, that is misleading.

    How is Levitz Legion?  Is it a good point to jump on if you know nothing about these characters or their origins or thier history, but find them interesting in shear numbers? 

  7. Because Starman isn’t part of the league, I went with Braniac 5. Mon-El was a close second.

  8. @Paul-WHAT!!  The guy goes on a break to get therapy for his eating disorder and they down-grade his status?  That’s blatantly unfair!

    In seriousness, I really have no opinion as to who wins, but I do find that power to be the fascinatingly dizzying height of the silliness of the Silver Age.

  9. I went with Gates because he is the only Legionnaire left from the post-Zero Hour Legion. That’s when I first started reading reading the Legion.

  10. I went with Braniac 5, mostly because I felt that he am smarterst there is.

  11. I am with Mister J.  Matter Eater Lad!

  12. Why does Sensor Girl’s costume have a full face mask but a cleavage window?

  13. @Heroville: Because with cleavage like that, who needs to look at her face?

    Brainiac 5. No contest.

  14. @DWarren: Issue #1 of this run was the first Legion story I ever read, and I’ve been enjoying the run immensely. I think Yildiray Cinar’s art is really great, and Levitz is writing a compelling story. I’d say give it a try, especially if you can nab the back issues. That said, it seems like he’s using a hybrid new/old school formula, as each issue is a pretty full story, but the reprecussions bleed into each issue filling out a story arc.

    To put it simply (which I probably should have done in the first place), Levitz’s Legion is a lot of classic superhero fun right now, and I’m enjoying it without much knowledge of the Legion to begin with.

  15. So kind of like how the new Flash book is pretty old school fun?  Well in that case i just might pick up the first Levitz trade to check it out.

  16. I voted Mon-El because I just, sigh, love him.  🙂

  17. My vote goes to anyone with ought the suffix- ‘boy or ‘girl attached.


  18. @DWarren~  I haven’t read Levitz’s current run, but Mark Waid’s run with Barry Kitson in the early 2000s is totally rad and new reader friendly.  Those are great LoSH comics.

  19. I voted for Sun Boy. I’d love to see how Dirk would run the team and see him eat his words about the election before. Basically, I chose the candidate that would throw a monkey wrench into the troubles the Legion are facing right now. Though, I do think he’d have the gutso to run the team.

  20. Brainiac 5 is too hard edged and needs to be tempered by someone else… someone more.. diplomatic?

  21. I tried to vote, but the intro to the Boris the Sprinkler song Motherfucker Are You Ready to Rock? just kept playing in my head, distracting me.

    This election is a sham without Arms Fall Off Boy, anyway. 

  22. Mon-el for 3100

  23. I’m interested in voting for the Ralph Nader equivalent. Which of these fulfills that roll, guys?

  24. Polar Boy

    No one held on for as long as he did. And you can’t beat his love for the Legion!

    Sun Boy was my second choice for the chaos he would bring.

  25. Wildfire for no other reason than I know he’s not really in the running.

  26. Earth-man is the racist, right?  i’ll vote for him

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    He’s reformed over the last six issues, but yeah, he started out as a human-supremacist. 

  28. i voted for earth-man

  29. I really don’t know anything about the LEgion of Superheroes b/c of all of their comics being way to confusing. Any help on good introductory Legion comics anyone?

  30. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @spidertitan – Geoff Johns’ Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes and his Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. 

  31. Dawnstar ‘cuz she’s hot! #shameless


  32. i’m not voting for any one of those assholes, i’m voting independent. Mattereaterlad for leader.

  33. vote for change, vote for sunboy!

    you know since matter eatter lab isn’t running 😛 

  34. As I don’t know any of these characters, and there’s no text about their platforms or where they stand on Prop 8 or Prop 19.  What about a debate?  Even high school presidents at least address the voters…

    I looked a couple of these guys up, and according to wikipedia, Gates is apparently a SOCIALIST.  While that’s not exactly my prefered stance… at least he stands for something! Plus he looks like something from He-Man. 

  35. I voted for Lightning Lass.  It’s time to give her the spotlight.  Plus, she’s a lesbian so she gets bonus point for that.

  36. Just voted for Lightning Lass. 

  37. Gates