Thor the Mighty Avenger Returns on Free Comic Book Day!

Thor the Mighty Avenger was cancelled earlier this year, and the last issue hits the shop this January. But we don't need to wait until we meet again in Valhalla to feel the warm embrace of the double rainbow. Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee are teaming for another adventure in May 2011 for Free Comic Book Day. Samnee alerted us to the news via Twitter.

Get ready for Captain America/Thor!

Here's the synopsis.

From the fan-favorite creative team of Thor: The Mighty Avenger comes a time-twisting tale of Camelot-craziness. When mischievous Loki's machinations throw Thor and a World War II-era Steve Rogers into King Arthur's court, it's an adventure neither noble Avenger will ever forget!

And it's FREE!

Buy up those trade paperbacks and hopefully it won't be the last appearance of Thor The Mighty Avenger. Ya hear me? Buy 'em! 


  1. YES!

  2. Happy Day!

    Fantastic news. I’ll be in New York for Free Comic Book Day in 2011. Very exciting!

  3. ftw

  4. Insert funny Thor quip here.

  5. Day made. This looks fantastic.

  6. Poor sales are no match for the mighty Thor!

  7. Thor will get that comic!

  8. *faints from happiness*

  9. For some people this is going to be Extra Thor.

  10. Nice! But here we are in DECEMBER and already looking forward to FCBD in May?

  11. even though retailers had a hard time selling the regular series, now there will be demand for them to buy a book they have to give away for free….there is irony in there somewhere. 

  12. Awesome!

  13. I say thee YAY!

  14. I think I’ll pick this up in trades. :p

  15. By Odin

  16. This makes me mad. I enjoyed this a lot and when they cancelled it I mourned for the loss and now they dangle this in my face. Marvel is toying with like an x girlfriend people and if we bite they will do it again.

  17. <Runs around house, arms in the air, eyes wide open, shouting> YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. That’s wonderful news. Unfortunately, I don’t have a comic shop near me… I’ll have to find it at an online comic shop or something

  19. YES!!!!!!!!!

  20. WIZARD!!!!!! ( I’m helping to bring it back. )

  21. Thor like Helmet!

  22. Now that’s how you do a movie tie-in!

  23. Thor thinks man in flag helmet is silly

  24. this will probablly tie into the Captain America: Fighting Avenger series they’re publishing with brian clevinger and those two japanese lady artists. So….WHEE!!!

  25. Thor bored! Thor whirly Mjolnir!

  26. It’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but isn’t this a whole mass of ironies?

    Thor the Mighty Avenger was supposed to be a continuity-free all-ages book, somewhat concerned with bringing new younger (young-ish?) readers in.

    Free Comic Book Day was also supposed to be a way to draw in more of the public who doesn’t read comics.

    But really Thor the Mighty Avenger might as well be Arrested Development or something. It’s obsessed over by people who are (mostly) at least 30 years old. Every issue of this free comic will be snapped up by hungry fans who each already have 10 longboxes and 25 gigs of brainspace devoted to comics, leaving few if any issues left for the theoretical seven-year-old who might be trying to experience comics for the first time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the series and am looking forward to reading this issue six months from now. I’m just saying, the whole thing’s kind of ironic. I mean, I’m sure the eventually guys like us are going to be talking about this issue won’t be in the second trade collection, and we’re going to be obsessing over whether or not there’s going to be a hardcover collection with this in it. And the thing is, Free Comic Day wasn’t supposed to be catering to obsessive fans who would care about stuff like that.

  27. low sales? give it away for free! making sure that no one wants to read it.

  28. @iSpiderMan  I don’t know what that means.  Why would making it free ensure that no one would want to read it?

  29. @iSpiderMan  Right, because EVERYONE hates free things.

  30. @JRScherer-Thor: TMA had low sales. Giving it out for free doesn’t mean people will buy Thor: TMA trades in droves. I’ve worked 3 free comic book days in a row and I’ve worked for years in my lcs. My cynicism is winning out right now. Hey, I’d be glad if this eventually leads to the title coming back, but I doubt it. Brian Hibbs, or someone else stated elsewhere on the internets that, historically, Thor could barely support 1 ongoing title. Marvel has a ton of Thor mini’s flooooding the market right now, and people are surprised Thor: TMA got canceled? Reality check, please.