There’s a little part of me that wants to buy this Optimus Prime

The Prime has arrived.

I’m not really a toy guy, but I would say I was an enthusiastic toy kid, but there is enough of that left in me that I at least give this stuff a good glance. Obviously, there would be no point in making a new Transformers movie without releasing toys for mass consumption. Obviously nothing would recapture the spark of those first Transformers, but Optimus Prime was the holy grail of toydom, and oddly enough, I never had one.

But would I like a go at transforming this one to truck and back a couple times?

Oh indeed I would. I’m sure it costs at least $30, and that’s certainly not a sum I wish to spend. Yet, there’s a curiosity that’s almost innate, which I never quite grew out of. Hence my obligatory stroll down the toy aisles of any given department store I happen to be perusing for household goods.

I guarantee that in a month or two, I’ll be in a target, wife impatiently awaiting me, looking at the box for this toy for at least a minute or two, never really considering a purchase, but just long enough to remember.


  1. I always need to go through the toy isle. But I have a fair amount of them on my bookshelf at home.

  2. My nephew has been playing with my old Transformer toys for about a month down. My Constructicons are going to disintegrate any day now. Their joints are all loose and their heads won’t stay in an upright position. I never had an Optimus Prime either. I did have the white Prime/Ultra Magnus, which I pretended was Optimus Prime from the “Return of Optimus Prime” episodes. Did anyone else do that?

  3. I got the Masterpiece Optimus Prime back when it first came out. It was worth the $90 completely. I plan on getting Masterpiece Megatron later on this month as well.

    These movie ones don’t do anything for me though.

  4. Holy God, that thing is bigger than my actual car.

    I actually had Prime as a kid, and loved him literally to pieces. One of his detachable hands fell deep into the bowels of our fold-out couch in 1986, and the rest of him broke from overuse soon after. In college, I bought another Prime at a flea market, and it was also one-handed. A year later, my parents donated the couch to my first apartment; while moving it, the 1986 hand fell out finally, completing my Prime for the first time in a decade.

    I think I’d prefer to have this:

  5. I had an awesome Prime toy when I was a kid. It was like this gigantic thing that took up half my toy box. It was super boss.

    This toy looks insane, and I’m trying to picture that in the movie. Good lord, that must be a bitch to animate.

  6. Sold off my entire transformers collection (all original stuff from my childhood, most with boxes–a completist even then) and was shocked at how much people wanted to pay for Dino-bots. This new one looks pretty cool tho. Who the hell would have room for it tho?

  7. “But then again, I think I may have too many toys…”

    You need a support group.

    But yes, the 20th aniversary stuff by Takara is awesome.

  8. I note that someone made you put them in the basement. This is funny to me.

  9. Well, when I’m at college, I need SOME place to keep them. And there isn’t anywhere near enough space in my room.

    All of my comics and videogames have to live in my basement too.

  10. Like second class citizens!

    Be glad you’ve got somewhere. Many of the married denizens will regale you with stories of “that shit having to go somewhere, but not here!”

    I did a lot of selling before I left California.

  11. “that shit having to go somewhere, but not here”

    Good lord yes! Which is usually followed by “Why do you waste money on this?!”

  12. I forget where I read it but it made me chuckle. A blog highlighting the differences between men and women. When moving into a new place the Man asks, “Good Lord! Where are we going to put our Justice League action figures?” and the Woman asks, “Good Lord! Why do we HAVE Justice League action figures?”

  13. WHY? That piece of shit has flames on it. The real Optimus Prime didn’t.

    See no flames.

  14. It took 14 comments to get to that. I figured it would come sooner.

  15. I always loved how the trailer portion would magically appear and disappear in the cartoon

  16. Josh, I think whoever I end up marrying will have to accept some of my horrible addiction, seeing as I’m working towards a job at Hasbro for when I graduate.

    At the same time, its terribly awkward when girls come over and in order to get to the hot tub they have to walk past those shelves.

    As for the trailer magically disappearing, I figured in a world with talking robots who can transform, a single trailer disappearing isn’t that unreasonable. Or Prime just left it there for one of the useless autobots to guard. Like Kup.