‘The Walking Dead’ – S03E09 – “The Suicide King”

The Walking Dead_The Suicide King

No recap this week, unfortunately. They might be spotty in the second half of this season, depending on how busy my Sunday nights turn out to be.

Here’s how “The Suicide King” is described:

Rick tries to save one of his group.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. And Battlestar Galatica is back too! It’s frakkin good so far!

  2. First half of BSG Blood and Chrome was cool. But I’m jumping to WD now…saving 2nd half of BSG for tomorrow night.

  3. Aired on SyFy channel here. From 8-10.

  4. Not even death can stop Lori from ruining everything.

  5. My bitter hatred of TV Lori has now moved on to TV Rick. My hatred for TV Andrea has yet to subside although this episode she at least made herself useful and pulled a Winger.

  6. Well, that was … mind numbingly dull.

    I watched it four hours ago, and I’ve already forgotten everything that happened. What a poor way to start the second half.

  7. It was underwhelming. The Daryl – Meryl- Rick gang argument was the highlight and that happened within the first few minutes. The Woodbury stuff was dull and Hershel hopping from character to character was a drag.
    Does Glenn think Maggie was raped by the Governor? And if so, why??? Those two are acting like bare breasts were a game changer…I don’t get the extra tension between them.

    • Yeah I thought the same thing. Glenn’s insistence on killing the Governor seems out of proportion to what he actually did to Maggie. It was a violation, sure, but not a capital crime.

    • I see what you’re getting at, but I think there are many women who would want to disagree with you. Better quit before you’re too far down this rabbit hole.

    • If someone brought my wife into a small room, made her take of her clothes, gave her a slimy once over, and kept the threat of rape in the air, I’d want to put a bullet in his head too. Just because he didn’t physically assault her doesn’t mean it isn’t a horrible violation.

    • Yeah I agree, the gov did “violate” her, so Glen is pretty justified in wanting blood. Plus we’re seeing everyone losing their humanity so going towards the primal instincts makes sense.

    • I think it is also important to remember that, in many ways, Glen was violated too. He was completely helpless and unable to protect the woman he loves. The Governor completely took away Glen’s masculinity by stripping Maggie’s naked and threatening her with rape. Glen is not only feeling anger at what the Governor did but also guilt and shame at his inability to do anything about it.

    • Okay, all great points guys. Thanks for the clear concise and correct explanation of this plot thread. Even though you were all non insulting iFanboys as always, I feel slightly dopey now lol. Onward to next episode! Can’t wait for the Dixon Brother cavalry to show up.

  8. Is it me or are the people of Woodbury the biggest lemmings in the history of broadcast TV? One minute they’re howling for blood as two brothers beat themselves to death, the next they’re desperate to get out, and one middling speech is enough to get them to calm down and go home. If this show wants me to feel any sympathy for these people, it’s got its work cut out for it going forward.

  9. Is it just me, or does the whole Daryl n Merl splitting thing feel like a cheap promotional stunt for the upcoming FPS game. Other then that I felt the episode was pretty good. I like this new “im gonna f#%k up the governor” Glenn.

  10. And continued zombies standing right against the fence, instead of taking 10 seconds to stab them, to kill them and lessen a chance of them getting in, they quickly have to run in to avoid them.. This happens week after week and at this point they deserve to be over run.

    If they drag out this “rick is losing it’ storyline in full view of everyone for weeks and the group continues to follow him, equally as stupid.

  11. When the Governor said that Heisenberg was dead, I felt bad for Jesse.

  12. After watching almost three seasons, I’m not going to watch this show anymore.

    Season 3 is not good.

    Character motivations change with the wind just to create character conflicts. Too much silly writing. They are not investing enough money in this money making machine (comments above point that out with the 10 person mob) to improve the quality.

    This is the extreme version of the Walking Dead that accelerates characters so fast that it will only get worse to keep the “shock” and “surprises” coming in the upcoming seasons.

    The shoot-out action scenes in the last few episodes have been lame.

    The actor who plays Rick is overacting just to meet the overwriting. I don’t blame him. He is doing the best he can with the terrible scripts that are being thrown his way.

    There were a few great episodes in the run and many great moments.

    But the bad is now outweighing the good.

    It is getting overwhelmingly bad.