The Walking Dead Lawsuit: SETTLED

News broke today on The Hollywood Reporter that the lawsuit between Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore over the ownership and rights to The Walking Dead franchise has been settled.  In a joint statement, they said:

“Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore are pleased to jointly announce that they have reached an amicable agreement in their respective lawsuits and all parties have settled the entire matter to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Neither side will be discussing any details but will instead happily and productively spend their time focused on their own work and move on in their lives.”

So there you have it.  No details on the settlement, just that it’s over and everyone can move on and get excited for the upcoming premiere of season 3 of The Walking Dead on AMC.

Carry on.



  1. I wish they could have settled this before this weekend so tony moore could have been at the Cincinnati Comic Expo

  2. Nice.

  3. Settled by a good baseball-bat murder, I bet! Oh, wait, I see from the article it’s the other kind of settled.

  4. I wouldn’t expect those two to ever work together again.

    • which is super sad… I always liked their combo…

    • That’s probably the saddest thing about this for me, I loved the work these two did together from Battle Pope right on. I’m pretty sure they were friends all the way back to high school.

    • Also, I wouldn’t hold my breath about seeing Rick Remender doing any more work at Image. He defended Moore publicly and that probably didn’t sit too well with the now Image partner. That’s really too bad ’cause I enjoyed Strange Girl and Sea of Red over there.

  5. must be a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for Moore