The UK gets all the best stuff: ‘Superman Returns’ Trailer

The UK has the best spies, the best girls, and now they have the best Superman Returns trailer.

Thanks to iFanboy user Andy Lawler for pointing this one out to us.

This trailer is a lot more in-depth and shows a lot more “wow” moments. I was telling the guys earlier that I keep flip flopping between being really excited for this movie and being really scared about it. After seeing this trailer I’m back to being really excited.

I still don’t like Kate Bosworth as Lois.


  1. I so want to see that movie like ten times as much more than I wanted to two weeks ago!!!

    Does that make any sense grammatically?

    Wow…that trailer is too awsome for grammar.

  2. Dude, holy shit, I second that.

    This trailer made me more excited for this movie than ever before. They showed so much more than the US version…but I do miss the part at the end with Lois, Perry White, and Olsen looking at the photo.

  3. They don’t get the best food in the UK. I can guarantee you that.

    I saw the trailer on the big screen yesterday before MI: 3 (which, oddly, didn’t suck, btw). It was pretty good all big like that. Impressive. I think you’re about to see some records get broken.

  4. That looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the movie now.

  5. This movie looks fantastic!!, really like the scene near the end with Luthor stabbing Superman.

  6. Wowwie wow wow wow! Ok, I have been a little skeptical, even after the release of the mega-awesome trailer to the internet a few weeks ago. But this trailer has me VERY excited for this movie now, and I DO beleive a man can fly!

    Go Singer!

  7. Ok so where is Nick? What does he think of this one? The gunshot to the eye is pretty cool…you gotta admit that

  8. whoa

    the bullet into the eye…neat

  9. Hey! No! You American chaps stop looking! This is ours!

  10. You get Spaced and Alan Partridge and we get fucking Will and Grace. There is no justice.

  11. And their lingo makes them seem intellectual! When we use our innuendo and swear words, we sound like dumbasses compared to them!

  12. You get Spaced and Alan Partridge and we get fucking Will and Grace. There is no justice.

    They’ve got Will & Grace there too. I wasn’t the only one in London last month complaining about nothing good being on TV!

  13. That is the best commerical for Actiview Disposable Contact Lenses that I have ever seen. Much more effective than the product placement in this past season of Smallville.

  14. Hilarious Dave.

    This actually made me want to see this movie. Could be fun.