The Top 50 Comic Book Covers of 2006 (UPDATED)

IGN has posted a listing of what they consider the top comic book covers that Marvel published in 2006.

UPDATE! Here is their list of the Top 50 DC Covers.

We’ve talked a lot about comic book covers — the pros and cons, what we think is good and bad — on the website and the podcast, so this is a subject dear to our hearts.

There sure does seem to be a lot of Spider-Man, Wolverine and Zombies on the list.


  1. Boo on the zombies! Iconic cover + rotting flesh does not = super-iconic cover. Now, if they took every zombie cover off the list and replaced it with a Runaways cover, then you’d be getting somewhere.

    Sort of odd how many covers on their top fifty list don’t, in the strictest sense, exist. A good 25% of them are covers to books that aren’t out yet.

    Man, that Bruce Jones Hulk run had some great covers. So not indicative of what was waiting inside.

  2. I counted 16 covers that aren’t out yet. And seriously, x-men 190 at #2?

  3. There wasn’t really much love for the Tim Bradstreet Punisher covers. He’s always done top-notch iconic images that usually have something to do with the story.

    I’m with Jimski on the other thing. If the comics to which the covers are attached haven’t been released, then they don’t count.

  4. They only did this list now because they got the Solicitations for the December Comics this week and so now they technically have all the covers of the comics of 2006. I don’t see why comics that aren’t out have any bearing. You really don’t have to read the comic to judge how it’s cover compared to other covers this year.

  5. They should really have a short commentary on each cover saying WHY they picked it.

  6. The cover for Daredevil #90 shows Matt in Paris. This lead me to go wait a minute isn’t he going to be in Civil War? So I went ahead as far as I could and they are starting a 5 issue arc in Paris that will end after Civil War. That kind of sucks. In the Joe Fridays that just came out Quesada was asked about Daredevil and he was like well you never know. Actually now I do unless you suspend continuity or have us believe that he leaves flies home at night from Europe to fight in Civil War and then goes back to Europe in the morning to continue the Europe story. I really should stop looking at solicitations as they just piss me off.

  7. Stop looking at them!

    I gave that up years ago, you’ll feel a lot better.

  8. conor you are a better man than I. i just found out solicitations existed this year and i have not been able to stay away from them.

  9. Bachalo got 2?! There is no comics God!

  10. Bachalo changed his name, it used to be….
    rob liefeld

  11. Nah, Bachalo is a good artist, he can make some very pretty images and he has done some great covers… I think he is a terrible storyteller though. he should stick to covers, as quite often in a Bachalo comic, I can’t tell what is going on.

  12. There is a definite lack of light-up pants on that cover. OK. I take it back

  13. This link intended only for those not prone to suicidal ideation:
    Check the opening flash out. It’s hysterical

  14. So, what were the considerations made in this selection? Frankly, I’m kind of disappointed. I keep a wall of ideas from covers I’ve torn out of Previews after I’ve ordered and I don’t think any of them are on there. (No, wait, that one from Fables in the first ten is up there, but that was more for the illo style.) A good cover is more than just your favorite characters in some cool pose or something or the cover from the key issue of a storyline. Maybe I’m overcritical, making my living as a designer, but my top 50s would look a LOT different.

  15. Some thoughts…

    8 James Jean covers total – 7 for DC and 1 for Marvel. My only question is..where are the other 10 or so that he did this year? Every damn one of his covers should be on this list.

    Dave McKean’s cover for Sandman #1 is awesome. It also came out 15 years ago. I don’t know if I would put a reprint on this list. On the other hand, Sandman is pretty much the best thing ever, so never mind.

    Where the hell is Dave Johnson on the DC list? His 100 Bullets covers are some of the best I’ve ever seen. He deserves more recognition.

    Hmmm, a lot of Vertigo comments. What else do I have…ummm…J.G. Jones is awesome. He deserves the praise. I love the Stuart Immonen cover at #28 on the Marvel list. The Rick Berry covers for The Eternals are great. And Jo Chen’s Runaways covers are really good too.

  16. They missed Astonishing from this week. It should be top 5.

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