The Sounds of iFanboy: The Music From Episodes 1-11

Enough of you have asked for it, so here it is: the cumulative list of every song we used in the past 32 episodes of the iFanboy podcast! This week, we give you the first 10 episodes…

Click through to see the hits!

Episode #1 – Powers #14
Song Title: Back and to the Left
Artist: Texas Is The Reason

Episode #2 – Decimation: House of M – The Day After #1
Song Title: Manana
Artist: Desaparecidos

Episode #3 – All Star Superman #1
Song Title: Major Taylor
Artist: Franklin

Episode #4 – Daredevil #79
Song Title: She’s Lost Control
Artist: Joy Divison

Episode #5 – Generation M #1
Song Title: Never In
Artist: The 101

Episode #6 – Gotham Central #38
Song Title: Arpeggiator
Artist: Fugazi

Episode #7 – X-Factor #1
Song Title: Just Like Christmas
Artist: Low

Episode #8 – Hellblazer #215
Song Title: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Artist: Darlene Love

Episode #9 – All Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder #3
Song Title: This Charming Man
Artist: Stars

Episode #11 – X-Men: The End Book 3 – Men & X-Men #1
Song Title: Start Choppin’
Artist: Dinosaur Jr.


  1. Man, Texas is the Reason ruled. Norm Arenas ruled.

  2. Indeed, Norm’s a very good guy

  3. I used to read a lot of Anti-Matter. How I miss the good zines.

  4. This is really a listing of Ron music. He edited all the early episodes. I would like to emphasize that this is not a complaint, rather a new piece of information.

    I started doing the editing in later episodes. Points to the folks who can pick out my music choices when they’re up!

  5. I think the first podcast I heard from you fella’s had Texas is the Reason to open with. Did you use them twice. Because I don’t think it was that far back. Also.. nice listing. I was going to Email you once asking about a particular song. But I will just wait, or if I am inclined find out which episode and fire of a question to you.

    Also, I loved the “I wear black, because black is how I feel on the inside..” quip. And immediately followed along by reliving high school, and knowing the smith/morrisey quote. We used to say that same shit about those same people. And yes, I have read sandman, but don’t throw that goth sad stuff at me.

    Its all Replacements and Westerberg over here man.