The Return of Hitman

Many years back, Garth Ennis let the world know he didn’t really like superheroes that much, way before anyone heard of The Boys, in Hitman. It seems that Tommy Monaghan is making a return to the DC Universe, with the original creative team intact.

I’ve always liked this book, and if this is good, and people buy it, they might finally finish printing trades of all the original series, which I’ve never read in its entirety.

If you liked Preacher and The Boys, but haven’t read Hitman, you’re probably in for a treat. Here’s the basic information on the series, which has my full endorsement.

Just wait until you meet the Defenestrator and Bueno Excellante!


  1. I love hitman ands its a crime that dc hasnt finished the trades for hitman. As for me lets say i read it off a truck that came from the internet.

  2. It’s funny how those trucks can drive through a series of tubes

  3. Thanks for the news Josh. This has made my otherwise crappy week better.

    If you haven’t read it, you’re in for a treat.
    Best scene ever – Tommy meets Batman

  4. This could definitely be interesting.