‘Sin City’ Trailer: The perfect comics-to-film translation?

Well, that remains to be seen, but the Sin City trailer looks awfully good.

Slutty Rory Gilmore!


  1. Oh, man, this looks great!

  2. My brother saw the trailer and asked me what it was based on so I gave him the first SIN CITY trade and he is taking it to read on the subway tomorrow.

  3. I lent the first SIN CITY to a guy I’m trying to convert (can I get an AMEN) and he HATED it. All he likes is BLANKETS and JIMMY CORRIGAN.

  4. I haven’t read JIMMY CORRIGAN, but BLANKETS is more human interest/relationshipy… maybe that’s what he’s into, not hardboiled shoot ’em ups?

    I think my brother might like SIN CITY. He liked TORSO and JINX. If SIN CITY works, I’ll give him SIN CITY: FAMILY VALUES and then maybe THE LOSERS.

    He doesn’t like superhero comics, though.

    PS – I think that Frank Miller has given the original SIN CITY a subtitle, I think it’s now known as SIN CITY: THE HARD GOOD-BYE, but I could be wrong.

  5. That earlier preview thing did NOTHING for me. This trailer is fantastic, though. And I was all prepared to dislike it.

  6. Everybody should be into hardboiled shootem ups

  7. I’m not really thrilled about the idea that it’s a direct from the book translation, but that puts me in the mindset of almost no comic book fans. I’m sure it will be great, but when it looks just like the comic, what’s the point?

    Best comic movie ever? Recently, I’m thinking Spider-Man 2, because they did comic book action sequences like I’ve never seen, but I also loved X2, and of course Superman is probably the daddy.

  8. I also forgot American Splendor, because that used the mediums up film and comics to do something I’d never seen before. Those others are probably similar to best “superhero” movie actually.